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The Christ Mind

You are much more than the person you believe yourselves to be! .Man… is the only organism on the Planet in which and through which The Source (God) can function in the world of form AS THE SOURCE… AS GOD. No living "thing" has any being apart from or other than the Source, and that includes every "human organism" that has ever been born. The only "thing" that has being is the Source! (A branch is but the Vine manifesting!)

The Bible tells us that God made man in His image and likeness… yet few seemingly believe this. They have failed to find the Key that makes it possible for us to realize that the "Source" (GOD) is in fact, the reality of all of mankind… and that , "I and my Father are One"…One and the same!

The "Kingdom of God"… is a state of mind… a state of KNOWING that the I AM WITHIN US IS GOD! The Kingdom of God is synonymous with God consciousness! Here is the paradox… God made us in His image and likeness, but… He did not create the person we believe ourselves to be. Our parents created the person we believe ourselves to be when they named us at our birth. (The Source does not give being to any "thing" apart from or other than itself… the Vine is the reality of the branch!)

The Key that enables us to function As the Source is the realization that the I AM within us is God (the Father), and the belief that we are the person we believe ourselves to be is what keeps us from attaining this realization… from attaining God consciousness (the Christ Mind)! Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical Religions of the world, it is impossible to attain that consciousness… that "mind".

"I and my Father are One" is the Key, the idea, that allows us to function As the Source… As God! The "Father"… is the Vine. HE IS ALSO THE BRANCH! He is the I Am that I Am! Only through this realization can we "enter" the "Kingdom of God". Only through this understanding can we attain a consciousness of Oneness. (the Christ Mind)

A personal opinion

pertaining to:
"The sign of the prophet Jonah (Jonas)"

Does Matthew 12:39 mean that "this" present generation is filled with a multitude of "evil" spirits… "Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation?" At any rate… only through repentance, will God grant "man" the right to continue to "be"… as He did for him who was known as Jonah, and as He did for the 60 thousand Ninevites and their flocks. Only as we ask for forgiveness for our sinful acts and sinful thoughts, can we hope to experience God's eternal reality. It would appear to me… (if I am right in my interpretation of the book of Jonah,) God, in his infinite mercy, extends His grace to man even beyond the grave, for an additional three days! Could it be that God, who has unlimited grace towards man, has granted us an additional three days, as He did for Jonas, that we too might have one more opportunity to repent for not "living", as we were created to live? Could it be, that when we depart from our physical body, that the Lord has provided us an additional opportunity to repent, that "we" might be resurrected? Was He conveying a hidden message to us when He said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up? Let us not forget that "our" bodies are His living temples … they are not "ours"!… I AM THE RESURRECTION! It is not "you" the John Doe who will be resurrected… it is Him, the real you, the I AM, that will be resurrected. (As He is glorified so too will we be glorified) "He who believeth in me, (as) me, shall never die". He… is the rightful owner of every "human" temple on Earth! Might those in authority have instituted laws prohibiting man from discovering this by establishing rules and regulations making it mandatory for morticians to embalm or remove vital organs from the bodies of the newly departed? Might these regulations be the continuation of a long forgotten conspiracy?

There may or there may not be a three day period of grace, but… there may be, and, if there is, would it not be in our best interest to know of it? And what if there is not… would it make any difference? There is no "money" required… only sincere repentance. If after three days in the belly of a whale, " Jonah" was "resurrected" because he sincerely repented, and… because Jesus (the Father) said…, "there shall be no sign given this evil and adulterous generation but the sign of the prophet Jonah", might we not conclude that such a privilege would also extend to us, for is it not written that He is no respecter of persons?

What about those who do not believe in God… what about those who believe in nothing? There is apparently no salvation for those who refuse to repent of their sins! When such as these leave their body, they "walk through dry places seeking rest and findeth none" (Matthew 12 :43) Such as these would not be apt to call upon the Lord as did "Johnas", for such as these would know nothing of Gods infinite mercy. Rather, they would seek out other Spirits of like mind, making their state worse than before (verse 44) Obviously, the Spirit must return to its temple within three days (perhaps even longer as in the case of "Lazarus")

But… what of those "Spirits" who do believe… what of those "Spirits" who do repent. What if they should find upon returning to their temple that their temple was not "empty, swept and garnished", but mutilated? It would have to be a traumatic experience for such a Spirit to find its recently departed temple embalmed… or to discover that someone had removed the bodies vital organs. How much thought has gone into studying this aspect of "man"? If these apparent truths were made known (if indeed they are Spiritual truths), what might the "clergy" have to say in order to defend their established beliefs? Would they do as the "chief priests" of the scriptures and call for a cover-up?

Three days in the belly of a whale must certainly be the equivalent of being three days in the bowels of the Earth. If my interpretation of these scriptures is correct, it would appear then that God must grant yet another opportunity for ALL to repent even after our Spirit leaves the body. Without a doubt, God mercifully gave "Jonah" another chance to repent, and, as I have previously stated, our Heavenly Father is no respecter of persons. Might He do for us, what he did for Jonah?

In search of Heaven - 1

"Seek ye first... the Kingdom of Heaven!"
Here... we will find our Spiritual 'leaven'!

All religions... teach the same lesson,
when the stress of life we wish to lessen.
But... most send us on a wild goose chase!
Searching for 'Heaven'... all over the place.

A Tibetan mountain... we should try?
Among the clouds... up in the sky?
Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat... we look!
Jerusalem... is oft mentioned in "The Book".

We search and search... as our life flies by!
We cannot find ' It '. No one tells us... why!

At last... we sit quiet... and contemplate.
Where to find 'Heaven'... before it's too late?
Eureka! Finally... the 'IN-light' comes on!
'Heaven'... has been with us... all along!

In the only place it could possibly be!
Accessible to ALL.... even I and thee.
At any era, hour, or conceivable place!
No matter what Culture, Creed or Race.

The kingdom of 'Heaven'... is WITHIN!
Sequestered... from all the worldly din.

It is... a mental state ...of 'blissful solitude'!
Where disorder and chaos cannot intrude.
It is... a head space... where Divine* resides.
Where Love, Compassion and Virtue abides.

When we have found... our Inner 'Heaven',
we will also find... our Spiritual 'leaven'!

We are immortal beings.

God gave being to us by becoming us. (I am the Vine…ye are the branches) He made us in His image and likeness. We were meant to live AS Gods... AS HIM! If we realized the significance of our relationship to Him, and functioned AS Him… we would realize that we are WHO He is and WHAT He is, and one thing that He is, is this… HE IS IMMORTAL! Therefore… we too must be Immortal beings! If the VINE is immortal… so too must the branch be immortal, for the Vine and the branch are one and the same! There is not HIM AND us…HE IS US!

But… in order for "us" to "qualify" for immortality… we must FUNCTION AS the Vine. We can no longer live as the "person" our parents created when they named us. We must choose to die as the person we believe ourselves to be, and determine to live in our TRUE identity… in our I AM THAT I AM identity. In THAT consciousness… we need never die!

To the "politically correct".

"I and my Father (God), are One"…. was the consciousness in which Jesus (the Son of God) functioned… in which He walked. It is in that "mind" that His followers are admonished to walk. (Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus) Now… think on this… we could not walk in that consciousness without knowing that God was our reality… the reality of each of us, for that… is the Christ mind. "As thou Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also, may be one in us," and… "That they may be one, even as we are one". There is no one besides the Father! He… is the reality of each of us! (There is neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in Him.) That includes all men… Canadians, English men, French men, Americans, Russians, Arabs, Asians etc., etc. We are all One! That … is the message God gave to humanity 2000 years ago. He did not come to die "for us"… He came to show us what manner of being we were, and that we need never die. " I am come that they might have Life and that Life more abundantly." He died because of us! He suffered the agony of the cross to physically demonstrate to humanity, that the I AM within us (the Father), could not be resurrected without the crucifiction of the self (our outer identity... our false identity.) "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (HIMSELF), that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have Everlasting Life"… That the World through Him might be saved! Not just the "Christian" world, but the ENTIRE WORLD!

God… is the I AM within us (within each of us). He made each of us in His image and likeness, but… He did not create the person we believe ourselves to be! Our parents created the person we believe ourselves to be when they named us at our birth! To function as the person our parents created when they named us, is to function in an illusion… THE GREATEST OF ALL ILLUSIONS! God… is the reality of ALL men! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth. "I and my Father are One"… is the idea (the seed) that sets in motion the Spiritual Rebirth, which leads to the realization that the I AM within us is in fact the Father! So long as we continue to function as the John/ Jane Doe we believe our selves to be we are as guilty of crucifying Him today, as were those who crucified Him some 2000 years ago.

"Whom do men say that I the Son of man am," He asked His disciples, and Peter replied, "Thou art the Christ… the Son of the living God." And "upon this rock", He said, (upon this Truth), "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Man is the only organism on Earth in which and through which the Source (GOD) can function in the world of form, AS the Source (as the Father). The Christ… is not a single individual being… the Christ, is but the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of the Father), personified! When an individual realizes, that the I AM within him / her, is the "Father", they begin to take upon themselves the Likeness of the Father. THAT LIKENESS IS THE CHRIST (The Father personified!) There is only the Father… WE ARE ALL ONE! (The Vine… is the reality of the branch. .. of every "branch".) So… to the "politically correct"… regardless of your religious affiliation, in this consciousness lies the true SPIRIT of Christmas, and also in this consciousness, lies the salvation of the World.

The Teachings of Paul The Apostle.

The Christian Faith is based on the teachings of Paul the Apostle as exemplified in the book of Acts. Saul, as he was known prior to his conversion, most certainly experienced an amazing conversion, Nothing was held back in his desire to serve the Lord. He was totally and unconditionally convinced that Jesus Christ was the Son of God (and rightly so), and that anything could be accomplished in His name (in the name of Jesus Christ). He was so convinced of that and so enthusiastic in his belief in that, that he did indeed exemplify the creative power of speaking in that name. He set the example for what became known as Christianity… as the Christian Church! What he failed to realize was the fact that God was (and still is) the reality of every "man" on the face of the Earth.

So too did the disciples of "Jesus Christ" experience a conversion, but not until "after" His resurrection from the tomb. During their walk with Him (some three years), through what we now call the Holy Land, they had not yet seen Him for WHO He was. Proof of that statement lies in the fact that none of them cared to be identified with Him the night of His crucifixion. It was only when He arose from the tomb that they began to realize that He was indeed the Son of God, as He said He was, but they were not yet "converted". It was more than forty days after His resurrection that they were converted (after that the Holy Ghost shall come upon you.) Acts 1:8

In Acts 2:4 we read where, "they were all filled with the Holy Ghost". Here is where I believe the writers of the Scriptures, (or the initial interpreters of the scriptures) made a very grave error. Enthusiastic, exuberant, religious fervor, has been misconstrued as being "filled" with the Holy Spirit (the Truth)! At Pentecost, the disciples most certainly received an anointing of the Holy Spirit, and… they most certainly experienced a Spiritual conversion, but, they definitely were not "filled" with the Holy Spirit! To be "filled" with the Holy Spirit is to KNOW that the "I" within us, and the "Father", are One… One and the same! They were not aware of that. Nor was the Apostle Paul! They had all received an "anointing" of the Holy Spirit, but NONE of them experienced the Spiritual Rebirth … none of them were "born again"! Had "Paul" experienced the Spiritual Rebirth, he would never have said what he said in Philippians 3:10 & 11 "that I might know Him and the power of His resurrection." WE experience the resurrection when we realize that the I AM within us is the Father! WE are resurrected from the dead when we realize that we are the embodiment… the "presence," of Him who is Eternal… of Him who is immortal! God is Who we are and He is also What we are! His immortality is Our immortality! To "believe" in Jesus Christ… does not constitute being "filled" with the Holy Spirit. We are "filled "with the Holy Spirit only when we "know" that that which is God, (The I AM THAT I AM), is the reality of each of us… as well as the reality of every other living "thing" in the Universe! So long as we believe ourselves to be the person our parents created when they named us at our birth… we can not say we are "filled" with the Holy Spirit! To be "filled" with the Holy Spirit, is to realize that the "I" within us, and the Holy Spirit, are One and the same… otherwise… how could we be "filled" with the Holy Spirit?

Only when we realize that the Father… is the I Am within us, are we able to realize that we are immortal beings! It is not necessary for us to die physically in order for us to realize that we are immortal beings. We must simply die to Self! Only when we function in our I AM identity, do we have the assurance of Eternal immortality. Had "Paul" functioned in his real identity instead of in his "outer" identity (his John Doe identity), he would not have wondered how "Jesus" attained the resurrection. He who was known as Jesus knew, that "he (the I within Him) and the Father, were One". Therein lies the secret of the resurrection. It is the I Am within us (the real you and the real me) that needs to be resurrected The Father (the immortal I Am) is the reality of every "man" on Earth! "Man"… is an immortal being… the immortal I AM individualized! This the Christian Church has failed to see, because their concept of the Spiritual Rebirth is erroneous. Their concept of the Spiritual Rebirth, can do no more than bring about a Spiritual conversion! The Spiritual Rebirth can only take place when we realize that the I AM within us is the Father! There is only the Father... WE ARE ALL ONE! To be "filled" with the Holy Spirit is to Know this!

Had the Apostle Paul and the disciples known this, what might the Christian Church have been like today? Because they were not "born again" they did not, and they could not, function in a consciousness of Oneness, and so they were unable to pass this "light" on to humanity. The Universe is the Kingdom of God, and Planet Earth is the Garden of Eden. We can not change what we did yesterday, but we can certainly change the future. Let us realize that each of us is the Father embodied… the I AM embodied, and let us determine to walk in that consciousness. Then, and only then, can we function in God consciousness... in the "Kingdom" of God.

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