God is a Universal Organism

The church has been unable to prove through reason that the theory of evolution is false. They proclaim with righteous indignation that creation brought all things into being because the “Bible” says so, yet they cannot establish a “logical” explanation to substantiate their beliefs. This is because they have failed to discover “mans” relationship to his source; to that which is God. The “window” through which you can ‘see’ this truth is narrow (and few there be that find it). At the risk of being called a blasphemer, all of this might be more understandable if we look at it from another point of view. Sometimes we have to reduce things to a common denominator in order to “see” it more clearly. Sometimes, we can only understand a seemingly unprovable conundrum by setting up a hypothetical scenario; the conundrum being to prove or disprove the theory of “evolution” or to prove the creative explanation as it is inferred in the Bible. As it has turned out the hypothetical scenario is not as hypothetical as it at first appeared. Biblical scholars; the followers of Christ, Buddha, Mohammed Confucius and others believe that “God” created all things. This however, does not satisfy the unbeliever. Neither does this satisfy the “scientific mind” and so to the vast majority the theory of evolution offers a more acceptable; a more believable explanation to the conundrum.

Everything is an “effect”. Every manifest thing; from a bug to a blade of grass, to a giant redwood, from a wren to a swan, from a squid to a spermwhale, from an ant to a “human being”; everything is an effect. An “effect” is described in the dictionary as “something brought about by some cause or agency” and, “its correlative is cause”. As for the meaning of “cause”, the dictionary says, “The agency or force producing an effect” or “a cause” in strict usage, produces a necessary and invariable effect”.

So cause and effect are not separate things; they are one and the same. An “effect”, is the “cause” manifesting. So, we look at the world of “effects” but fail to see the “cause”. Every living ‘thing’ has a common cause. Only Life can give being to life. The only ‘thing’ that lives is Life. Every living “thing” is Life manifesting “as that thing”. But; every living thing is also an “organism”. Every plant, every bug, every bird, every animal, every “thing” in the ocean, every “man”, is in scientific language, an organism. That same dictionary describes an organism as being “an animal or plant considered as a totality of interdependent parts, functioning to maintain vital activities”; or, “Anything that is analogous to a living ‘thing’, and as ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ are one and the same “thing”, and as every “effect” is an organism, the “cause” must also be an “organism”.


This planet played no role in its becoming a planet. It couldn’t have, its merely another “effect”. Every “thing” is a manifestation of this gigantic Universal Organism which in itself in the final analysis is MIND; ALL IS MIND! The Universe is a Mental Phenomenon. This Universal Organism is an invisible “Mental” organism which functions according to absolute irrevocable laws! It functions according to an absolute Creative Principle that can best be explained as a ‘Father-Mother’ principle. Consciousness being the Father aspect and intelligence being the Mother aspect. The intelligence is omniscient and its sole purpose is to give being to whatever the consciousness decrees as being; to whatever the consciousness believes! Cause is always in consciousness. It is the consciousness that says “I”. When you say “I”, you are that same consciousness speaking! When “you” think, you are that consciousness thinking. Nothing comes into being without conscious direction.

No living ‘thing’; I repeat that, NO LIVING THING, in fact no “thing”, period!” ever played any role in its coming into being. The “tree” had nothing to do with becoming a tree . The robin chick played no role in becoming a robin, the wolf cub played no part in being born a wolf, nor did “you” play any part in the creation of that ‘form’ that grew into that body that you call you. “Life” gave being to these forms. But... Life did not give being to the “form”; to the “thing”. Life gave being to “itself” AS THE THING, AS THE FORM. EVERY “thing” is “Life” manifesting AS THAT THING. There is NOTHING LIVING besides “Life”. It is Life; that is the reality of every “thing”. “Life” is the cause and “Life” is the effect! This universal “organism” is the cause and it is also the effect. Every “thing” is this “organism” giving being to itself! There is nothing besides “it” and “It” is that which we call “God”. So every ‘thing’ is “God” manifesting as that “thing”, and there is nothing manifesting except that which is God;

Let us start to look at things from the inside instead of from the “outside”. Instead of seeing things as they “appear” to be, let us look at things for what they really are. Start thinking of yourself as being an organism; a “creative” organism. Scientifically that’s what we are! If we are organisms; and cause and effect are one and the same thing, the cause then, must also be an “Organism”. A “gigantic Living Universal Invisible all knowing Omniscient Omnipresent Omnipotent Spiritual organism” with unimaginable creative attributes bound together by one omnipotent force; “Love”, which maintains constant never ending harmony within this magnificent undescribable Universal “being”.

A vibrating, pulsating self-sustaining universal organism perpetually vitalized by life producing rays emanating from a self-perpetuating never ending source. Totally Perfect in every respect! An all Knowing Universal organism having as its attributes: Life, Consciousness, Intelligence, Light, Energy, Love, having the capacity to Reason and Think; governed by eternal irrevocable Laws, functioning as a perfect, Creative Divine “Mind”, according to an irrevocable creative principle; capable of “becoming” whatever it “sees” itself as being! As we are cause manifesting, each of us is a minute manifestation of “this organism”.

Evolution is an “idea” of how things came into being according to “Darwin’s” theory of evolution. But, ... “my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord”. “Man” does not have Life. Man is “Life” embodied. “Life” is what man is, and Life and Mind, and Spirit and God are really synonymous. They are one and the same. Where there is Life there is God, where there is God, there is Spirit and where there is Spirit there is Mind. It is equally true to state all is mind, all is Spirit, all is Life or all is God! When you realize what our solar system is to the universe and what we as individuals are to the solar system you have to realize how insignificant an individual man really is.

Some one hundred years ago this Divine Omniscient organism gave “birth” to itself in the form of a “man child” which was named Charles Darwin and programmed by his parents to believe that “Charles Darwin” was indeed who he really was. When “he” matured, the consciousness of the organism was now ‘set in concrete’ as it were; convinced that it was a “man” known as “Charles Darwin”. ‘He’ studied the forms that “Life” had taken, not realizing that every thing had a common source. He saw everything as having being of itself; totally unaware of the fact that every “thing” was a manifestation of this unique Universal organism and lived and moved and had its being “in” this organism and was this organism in totality. He was unaware that every “thing’ was this organism manifesting AS EVERY ‘THING’ and totally unaware of the fact that he too was but a manifestation of It. In his “human” consciousness he saw a similarity between many of the different forms and concluded that every ‘thing’ evolved from something else. This “theory” made sense to the masses who themselves were totally unaware of their relationship to every other living thing and so the “theory of evolution” has been accepted as a fact by the so called scientific minds, and is taught as fact throughout the “educated world”

Life alone has being. “Charles Darwin” was not the product of evolution. “Charles Darwin” was the product of parental programming. “His” parents, being ignorant of their own reality, programmed this individualized manifestation of the Universal organism which they saw as being “their” son, into believing that ‘he’ was “Charles Darwin”... “Charles Darwin” was the illusion. That which was God, was what was manifesting as “Charles Darwin”. By proclaiming that all living forms were the result of evolution he in fact denied the source of his own being. This “organism” being All Knowing gives being to whatever it sees itself as being. It does not produce forms via “evolution”. It produced every “thing” by becoming every “thing”, by “being” everything, By Creation according to a creative principle! “Man” is a creative “being”. A manifestation of the source! “Man” is what the source is! “Man” is the source manifesting; this “Organism” manifesting. How then can “man” deny his creator when he is in fact the creator manifesting! Almost to a man, humanity is ignorant of man’s relationship to man; of mans relationship to his source; to God.

“Man” looks through his eyes and sees an unlimited multitude of different forms.

The “Organism” (God) “sees” from within and KNOWS that nothing exists apart from itself. “Charles Darwin” existed only in the mind of the “form” that was made to believe it was Charles Darwin. In “reality”, “Charles Darwin” never existed. Only the Universal organism exists. “Charles Darwin” was an “illusion”. An illusion in which the individualized organism functioned. “Einstein” was also an illusion. “His” was the “theory” of relativity. Of course; all things are relative to all other things. The only “Thing” that is manifesting is this Universal “organism”! As “John Doe”, you too are an illusion! Nothing has ever existed besides this “organism”; BESIDES THAT WHICH IS GOD. Only the “organism” has reality; only It has being; “ONLY GOD IS”! Nothing evolved for there was “nothing” to evolve. In reality no “thing” has ever had “being” other than this “Organism”! “It” is all that every “thing” in the Universe ever was or ever will be. “LIFE” did not evolve; the “organism” did not evolve; IT ALWAYS WAS! “It” gave being to every “thing” in the universe by becoming every “thing” in the universe. Evolution is only a “theory”, a theory that originated from an illusion; from the individualized consciousness of the universal organism that was totally unaware of who it was or what it was; from an individualized manifestation of the very cause itself!

Every living “thing” is this "Universal Organism”; the Creator, “LIFE”, manifesting “as that thing”; As no living “thing” had any choice in its coming into being, and as no living “thing” has any being of itself, what then do the evolutionists think evolved? They believe that the “creatures” in some way “influenced” the changing forms that might enable “them” to “adapt” a little better to “their” surroundings. The capacity to “adapt” belongs to the “manifestor”; an attribute embodied in the “manifested”, enabling it to survive. They are not separate things. One is the Universal and the other is the Universal individualized. One is the cause and the other the effect and they cannot be separated.

You cannot separate the created from the Creator. You cannot separate “Life” from its manifestations. Thus the Universal Organism; the Creator (God) is the reality of every living “thing”. Every created “thing”; including you; including “Darwin”, is actually a manifestation of this creative “Organism”; the Creator! As there is nothing besides “It”, they must be saying that the “Creator” evolved; that “God” evolved. (the clay’s opinion of the potter). As no living “thing” played any part in its coming into being today, you must realize that this was the way it was yesterday and the day before that and two thousand years ago as well. Could it have been any different a million, or ten million years ago?... Not too likely! Every individual “thing” is the Creator; God, the “organism”, manifesting as that thing. Every “thing” came into being via the process of creation.

As the “forms” played no part in “their” coming into being, I ask those who believe in “evolution” exactly what is it that they think evolved?Man” is an individualized manifestation of this Universal organism. Man is the microcosm; “It” is the macrocosm. Compared to it, “man” is less than a particle of dust. “You” are creative because you can ‘think’ yet when you think; you are the organism thinking. It is the only thing that can think. Then think of the creative capacity of your source. “Darwin” was to God, what a particle of dust is to the Himalayan Mountains; what a molecule is to all the water on the planet. Yet here was one with less reality than the particle of dust, less reality than the molecule. (The particle and the molecule have being;) “Darwin” had no being. “He”, was only an illusion; an illusion proclaiming to humanity the means whereby all things came into being; again ..... the clay, describing the attributes of the potter!

No “thing” ever came into being through evolution. Every “thing” was given being via creation. You may say that is true but, it was the “species” that evolved. Not so. There is no more reality to a “species” than there is to men being “China” men, “Scotch” men, “Irish” men, “French” men or whatever. These are only states of mind. Illusions. Every man is a manifestation of this Universal Organism. “It” is the reality of every individual and every individual “thing”. There only “appears” to be a “species”. There are “waterfowl”, “carnivorous” animals, “herbivorous” animals, and “fishes”, but, ... the source of every “thing”; the substance of every “thing”, the totality of every “thing” is this Universal Organism manifesting according to a Creative Principle. Every “thing” is connected to its source, sustained by its source. Every “thing” has a common source. Every “thing” is the source manifesting; the source embodied. Nothing has being besides “It”.

This Universal organism gave being to itself as ‘man’; thereby giving itself dominion on earth as it holds dominion throughout the invisible universe! “Your parents” being ignorant of what you were at your birth, as their parents were ignorant of what they were at their birth saw you as “their” child. They “named” you and proceeded to mould you in “their” image and likeness. If they spoke the “French” language, they told you that you were “French”. If they spoke “German” they told you that you were a “German”. If they had darker skin and spoke an Indian dialect they would teach their child their “dialect” and tell it that it was an “Indian”, or a “native”. To Believe That We Are Separate And Apart From Each Other or that we are different from each other because of the colour of our skin Is To Live In Ignorance! The only living being, is “God”; this majestic indescribable organism; perhaps better described as being “that”, which “God” is, or that, which is “God”.

To believe yourself to be a “French” man, an “English” man, a “Native”, a “Hindu”, an “Asian” ect., is to dwell in an illusion... in a particular “State of Mind”.

We are all manifestations of this “Universal Organism”; of that which is God, and besides which there is nothing else! Two thousand years ago it gave being to itself in that form that was known as “Jesus”. “He” became aware of who he was for he proclaimed “I and the Father are One”. “I” is the identity of God; the identity of this universal organism and naturally as it gives being to itself it gives its identity to its manifestations. For this reason every ‘man’ on the planet proclaims that infinite identity every time we say “Hello...”I” am. If every living “thing” could speak, every “thing” would proclaim that identity as its “personal” identity.

Only a very few have ever attained a REALIZATION OF ONENESS! “Enoch” of old, “Eljah”, “Isahia”, “Moses” and certainly that “manifestation” that was known as “Jesus”. They, were certainly aware of “who” they were and of “what” they were. We know by Jesus’ example how we are meant to live and interact with our neighbour. “We” are minute manifestations of this limitless, Divine Majestic “organism”. We are individualizations of it. So too is every other ‘thing’. When observing “nature” we are observing “It”. Its beauty is seen in its manifestations. “It” also has the perfect personality; and as it gives being to itself in a “self conscious form” it develops a “personality”. Even the “canary”, your “cat”, your “dog”; even your horse or an elephant, can develop a “personality” because everything is a manifestation of this universal organism which in itself is Perfect, and becomes personified as it gives being to itself! It “becomes” whatever it gives being to. It is that which everything is. An “elephant” for instance doesn’t live like an “elephant” because it is an “elephant”. The “elephant” is the organism living As an elephant. We call that particular manifestation of the organism an “elephant”. The “elephant” doesn’t know how to live as an “elephant”, but, the “organism” does. The elephant can’t think; it’s the organism that thinks! It thinks as an “elephant” - AS IT MANIFESTS AS AN ELEPHANT.

No “thing” has any reality of itself. The only thing that lives is LIFE. It is the only thing that experiences living; that experiences ‘being’. It is the Organism that lives and experiences living as a mouse, as a coyote, as a pheasant, as a whale and as every other “thing”. Nothing has being other than “it”. Nothing would have any reason to desire to be any thing other than what it was created to be. Nor does any “thing” have any choice in being anything other than what it is. Nothing has being besides this invisible creative organism, and every “thing” is at peace, just “being” what “Life” became, with no desire to be anything other than what it is, for nothing exists other than this Universal invisible being. It is the only thing that has being; it gives every “thing” being by being what every “thing” is. Herein lies the key to the conundrum. Do you think it matters to the tree whether it is a maple a hemlock or a willow? Do you think the duck concerns itself about how the hummingbird lives. Nothing has any choice in being anything other than what it is. “Man” alone has free will to choose. No “creature” other than “man” has the privilege of consciously choosing to be anything besides what it was created to be. “Man” was created to be as his source (made in the image and likeness of God). How many know this and how many choose to live as such. Just because you “think” you are separate from your source, doesn’t make it so.

When a mother bird shows her offspring how to exist, she is teaching something that has intelligence (her offspring). One of Life’s attributes is intelligence and that intelligence can be instructed. Thus it “appears” as though the “bird” is intelligent when in reality it is intelligence that is one of the aspects of the “bird”. The “bird” is not intelligent. “Intelligence” is one aspect of the “substance” which gave being to itself As a “bird”. The bird is the “Universal Mind” manifesting AS a bird.

Surely the evolutionists must ask themselves every now and then a question. How is it that “man” is a creative being or are they even aware of that. What is the source of his creativity? “Man” played no role in becoming man. What then gave him being? Because you don’t see the cause doesn’t mean that you can’t figure out what it is. You don’t have to be a scientists to understand what it must be. You simply need to examine the effect in order to realize what the attributes of the cause must be.

The “consciousness” attribute of the organism is creative, and it is “its” consciousness that is manifesting in each and every thing. This is the reason that ‘man’ is a creative being. As this “organism” can become whatever it sees itself as being, ‘man’ can become “whoever” or “whatever” he sees “himself” as being. Its capacity to imagine or visualize is unlimited; so too is its creativity unlimited as it expresses as a “man”. Thus the reason for the statement “Whatsoever things ye so desire; believe ye shall receive and ye shall have it”. And “As a man thinketh so is he”.

The “image” of the cedar tree is in the seed and according to the Creative Principle and the law of growth the intelligence will produce another cedar tree. The intelligence is always directed by the consciousness and will bring into being whatever the consciousness “sees” itself as being. Thus will owls always produce owls, rabbits will always produce rabbits and robins will always produce robins. The “thing” producing the “seed” can only reproduce what it is because its “seed” embodies its consciousness. That’s the creative principle in action, perpetuating the forms that “Life” has taken. So too are “thoughts” seeds. Beliefs held in the minds of men with sufficient faith will invariably be made manifest!

We have been told in the scriptures that should our faith be sufficient, we could ask for “whatsoever” we desired and we would have it. We must realize that we are actually “manifestations” of that which God is; of that which is God, and realize that “our” consciousness is the “Divine” consciousness individualized. “Our” creative power is in reality “His” creative power for we are one and the same. “We” are this “Universal Organism” individualized. Individualized manifestations of “LIFE”! Then, through faith in this understanding dare to exercise this knowledge and soon your faith will become knowing, for “man” is a minute replica of his creative source.

How then can anyone deny the creative capacity of the Universal Organism to think when in fact it is that Universal Organism that thinks every time “you” think; only you think it is you (the John Doe) that is thinking. When the “branch” thinks, it is in reality the “vine” that is thinking. There is not the Vine and the branch; there is only the Vine! There is not the source as well as the effect; the effect is the source manifesting. “Man” is the source; the Universal Organism manifesting. Man is creative only because the “source” is creative; because “It” is who he is. So how much more creative must the source be when man, as I have already stated, is to it what a particle of dust is to the Himalayan Mountains.

Humanity is totally oblivious to the fact that ‘man’ is in reality the highest, most intricate manifestation of this Universal organism, otherwise known as God. Through the form known as the “human” form this organism can express as God when it realizes what it is. Few have ever attained this realization. “Man” sees himself as being separate from his source. Herein lies his downfall. “Man” is the source manifesting; “God manifesting”. “You” are not Life. LIFE is what “you” are. “Life” is what the organism is. Life is that which is God. It is that which every living thing is.

2000 years ago it was “Life” that said “I” am the “Life”. Only “Life” lives. Only Life can give being to Life. “Life” is the only thing that can “think”. When “you “ think, it is Life that does the thinking. “You” only think that “you” are the thinker.

The only “thing”; the only “one” that has ever lived or ever will live is this “Divine, majestic organism”. There has never been anything besides it. We have billions upon billions of names for it. We call it every name of tree, every animal, every bird, every different name of every different fish. Our phone books are filled with “its” names. But, every “thing” is just another manifestation of “it”. “It” is the common denominator; “It”, is that which is God! So I know my neighbour is a manifestation of Him (of it) which also gave being to that which I am, to that which is me. Let us learn to love God with all our mind, all our strength, all our soul, then perhaps we can learn to “love our neighbour as ourselves”. Then will we see that all other creatures are manifestations of Him and learn to love them instead of abusing and using them for our amusement and for “profit”. “They” are the “lesser” gods you have read about.

We never see the cause of form, we only see the forms. Every form is an effect and all effects are the forms that “Life” has taken. Life did not give being to the “thing”. Life gave being to itself as the “thing”. In the same manner the vine gives being to the branch by becoming that which is called “the branch”. The “branch” is simply the vine manifesting. In like manner every effect is simply “Life” manifesting. LIFE, is what every effect is and this Life is a “Universal Organism” Cause and effect are one and the same! Thus “I” and the Father are one. The manifesting organism (the cause) and the Father are one and the same. Its identity is I. This is also my identity. It is the ‘ I ‘ that I am.

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