The Universal Mind

The Invisible Universe, is synonymous with Mind... the Mind of God (the Spirit of God), and the Manifest Universe, is the result of the creative activity that takes place within this Mind. All creative activity takes place within this invisible Universal Mind. The Universe is a living organism. It is the cause and the substance of every living thing... the sum total of the Universe! ALL IS MIND! The Universal Mind and the Divine Mind, are one and the same mind, the I AM THAT I AM! This Universal Mind is the "Spirit of God", and the Holy Spirit ( the Whole "I" Spirit ) personified, is the "Christ". The "Christ Mind," is simply the Universal Mind personified (I, and my Father are One). When we realize that the I AM within us is the Father, and when we have made a sincere commitment to walk in that consciousness, we will be walking AS the Father, as the Christ, so you can see that our likeness to God lies in the fact that our consciousness is the Universal consciousness individualized. What the Vine is, is what the branch is. We are but extensions of the Universal Mind.. the Mind of God! Man is but the mind of God embodied. This is what makes man a creative being. ( Made in the image and likeness of God ) There is not "us" AND the Universal Mind... the Universal Mind is What we are.

Every manifest "thing" owes it's existence to a "Creative Principle". Our consciousness…our awareness, is the Father aspect of that Creative Principle. We set the creative process in motion when we think and we think as we perceive ourselves to be! The Intelligence, is the Mother aspect, and it is the purpose of the intelligence to "become" whatever the consciousness decrees as being, or whatever the consciousness sees itself as being. The intelligence asks no questions, it simply "becomes" whatever the consciousness believes, thus as a man thinketh, so is he. The "attributes" of God are the only "substance" God requires for the creation of "matter." ALL IS MIND! Every living "thing", is God, (the Universal Mind), manifesting AS THAT THING!

With the birth of every "human child", the Universal Mind ( God ) gives being to another " living temple" through which, and in which, "It" can express itself As the Father, but only if "It" can get access to the temple! Man is the only organism on Earth in which and through which the Universal Mind (the Source) can function AS the Source in the World of form. At our birth our parents give us a name, and then immediately begin to program us in "their" image and likeness, totally oblivious as to what manner of being we really are. So, as long as we function as the person our parents created when they named us at our birth, "we", cannot function AS God, AS the Christ! Why, because we "think" we are the person our parents created when they named us. ( A very good friend of mine once said "Robert thinks he's God, ha, ha, ha." He had it all backwards. It was not "Robert" who thought he was God, it was God who had been programmed to think He was Robert !)

This brings me to the naming of that "special" unborn child in the book of Matthew, "and she shall bring forth a son, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost, (the Truth ) and they shall call His name Emmanuel ( Jesus), which being interpreted, is God with us". The name Jesus means "God with us" (and He shall save His people from their sins). It was not " Jesus", who was to be born . "Jesus" was to be His name, His "outer" identity. That "name" was meant to describe who and what this "child" really was. This special "child" that was yet to be born was the "Christ" (God with us). One who would be aware of being the creative Divine Mind , one who would walk as an individualized manifestation of the "Universal Mind", as THE I AM PERSONIFIED as what every child that has ever been born is capable of being, if we only realized it! From His birth, He was made aware of the fact that He was God embodied, by his earthly father, and by his mother "Mary"! ( Which of us has ever been told that we were individualized manifestations of God, of the Divine Mind?) From His childhood He walked in the awareness that he was a son of God ! The consciousness in which He walked was the "Christ Mind", the mind that each of us is born with, only we function as the person our parents created when they named us! Thus the necessity of the Virgin Birth, the Spiritual Rebirth! That "special child" that is known as the Christ, lies dormant within each one of us, and can only be given "birth" in us when we realize that the "I" within each of us is that same "I" He spoke of some 2000 years ago when He said, " I and my Father are One.!" God is the I AM within us!

Generation after generation has come and gone, and few if any have ever realized that the God they sought to worship was the I AM within them, nor is it likely that they ever realized that the Satan they were warned to avoid, was the "person" their parents created when they named them! The belief that we are the person our parents created when they named us is what keeps us from walking in a consciousness of Oneness! Each one of us is an individualized manifestation of the Universal Mind...( THE I AM THAT I AM !) Each of us is an individualized activator of the Creative Principle. We set the creative principle in motion when we think. The I AM within each of us is the Father! .The churches of the World have failed to discover this. Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical churches of the World it is impossible to attain an awareness of this. Only when we realize that the I AM within us is the Father can we effectively function in a consciousness of Oneness in the Christ Mind! God is the reality of each of us. The Truth is, WE ARE ALL ONE, and GOD is that ONE! But in ignorance of who and what we are, we create as we perceive ourselves to be, and thus do we create the beliefs that divide us. Is it any wonder that the World is in such a state of turmoil ?

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In search of... Divine* ?
( * = whatever word the reader prefers.)

If we must seek God*... look in a mirror.
We'll never see God*... one bit clearer.

Look beyond the face... which is looking back.
Look behind the eyes. We're on the right track.

Our Reality... is that which we seek!
But beyond the 'substance veil' we must peek.
Ponder... what we are, at our conception.
Mull... who we become... through self's deception.

We are conceived.... as an image of God*.
Our body is built... with atoms... from sod.
Our mind is programmed by parents and peers.
They fill it with their customs, myths and fears.

Do not blame them... for they knew not better.
They taught what they learned... right to the letter.
We have a chance to 're-program' our mind,
to DIVINE*/self-less... or... self-ish/unkind.

When we search for Divine*... we're sure to find!
What we find... will be forgiving and kind.
When we find Divine* ...we find our true self!
We'll no more be slaves... to our self-ish elf.

It just takes looking... behind our own 'eye',
and a new grasp on the meaning of... " I ".
" I " the presence... we are searching for!
" I " reality! There is no more!



An avid Catholic friend of mine who has studied the major Religions of the World, kept telling me that what I was expounding was much the same as the Hindu Religion, so she gave me a book to read entitled "The Upanishads". An ancient Sanskrit treatise of the Vedas, which deals with the nature of man and the Universe. To my surprise I discovered that there was indeed a great deal of similarity to what I had written. The Upanishads expound in great detail the Allness of God, whom they refer to as the Self {The Universal Self } To them the Universal Self is the reality of every one and every "thing". I too believe in the Allness Of God and the absolute nothingness of any other "thing". But… my belief as to how to attain this realization differs drastically from theirs. They teach that it cannot be attained without the assistance of a personal "Guru", and that it can only be attained through virtually years of repeating affirmations and through meditating upon the sacred word "OHM". They also believe that only those who have attained this realization can transcend the experience of "Death" They believe that those who have achieved this awareness, will simply leave their physical bodies and enter Heaven or "Nirvana", and those who do not achieve this awareness must be "born again" into another human form, perhaps a thousand times, or until they attain an awareness of being One with the Universal Self. They believe that "physical" death is not death at all… that it's merely a transition. Apparently to them, the Spiritual Rebirth means "Reincarnation".

I do not believe in Reincarnation! If God be All and in All… if there is only the Universal Self, who then do the followers of Hinduism, believe will be Reincarnated? If there is only the Universal Self… Who, do "they" think "they" are? They too have failed to discover the significance of the Spiritual Rebirth, as have the other Evangelical Religions of the World!

We can only attain a consciousness of Oneness when we realize that the Universal Self is the reality of each of us… that "IT" always has been the reality of every living thing and always will be! The I AM within each of us is this Universal Self { God } individualized, and the person we believe ourselves to be is but the illusion in which we have been functioning. We have failed to realize our relationship to each other. No amount of repeating affirmations or chanting will enable us to attain a consciousness of Oneness, or will enable us to "enter" the "Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of God is but a state of KNOWING that the I AM within each of us is the "Father" (the SELF). The I AM within each of us is this Universal Self! "I and my Father are One" is the key to this "kingdom."… to this state of mind! The statement, "I and my Father are One", enables us to realize that God is indeed our reality. In this realization we need never die, for… of ourselves we have no being! The Eternal I AM is who we are and IT is also what we are. So… how can that which is Eternal ever die? Herein lies the key to attaining Eternal Life. We are not the "person" we believe ourselves to be. WE… ARE THAT WHICH IS THE ETERNAL… THAT WHICH IS THE IMMORTAL, MANIFESTING AS MAN. Man…is an Eternal, Immortal being! In this realization lies our Eternal reality.

The "Upanishads" make no mention of the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth. Hindus believe that those who have attained an awareness of Oneness with God, or in other words the Self, at their death will attain immortality, whereas those who do not achieve this realization are subject to the wheel of rebirth... perhaps a thousand times if necessary, or until they succeed in achieving God consciousness. Without the Spiritual Rebirth… it is impossible to attain that realization! When an individual attains God consciousness… they need never die, but… without the Spiritual Rebirth, they can never attain that realization! The Individual I AM (the illusion), must be crucified before the Universal I AM, the REAL you ( the Father ) can be resurrected! Therein lies the significance of the crucifixion. The Outer self must be crucified before the Resurrection of the I AM can take place. Only then can we walk in a consciousness of Oneness. It is only in that consciousness that that most amazing of all transformations , (the transfiguration,) can take place! It is "God consciousness" that causes the transfiguration… it is the end result of Knowing that the I Am within us is the Father! As consciousness and intelligence are the "substance" of our bodies… a change in the consciousness cannot take place without a change in the intelligence. (it is the purpose of the intelligence to give being to whatever the consciousness believes or sees itself as being!) With the transformation of the consciousness comes a transformation of the "intelligence"… (the Substance of our body!) Yes… even the body will be transformed! Not only is the consciousness immortal, and eternal… so too is the substance… the intelligence! No longer will the substance of our bodies be manifesting as "flesh", the "substance of our bodies" will be manifesting as "Light". You cannot separate the consciousness from the intelligence… as the consciousness "goes" so goes the intelligence! The transfiguration, is the end result of the resurrection of the I AM consciousness, (God consciousness ), within the individual, and this cannot take place without the Spiritual Rebirth… without realizing that the I AM within us is the "Father".

In the Hindu faith they believe the awareness of oneness can only be attained through meditation. In deep meditation one can reach a point in the stillness and the "silence", where one might, for a split second, experience a momentary state of oneness… a momentary state of bliss, (perhaps the result of the metabolism of the organism coming to a virtual stop, creating much the same experience one might have with a "near death" experience). So… they continue to meditate, in the hope of experiencing that momentary state of bliss again. But… they still see themselves as having being separate and apart from their Source… from "God", and continue to function as the person they have always believed themselves to be! They have not died to Self !. Only when they realize that the I AM within them is the Father… the Real Self, can they begin to function AS the Self, for there is not the "personal" self and the Universal Self… there is only the "Universal Self" and NOTHING ELSE!

I too spend much time in meditation , but… I do not simply meditate upon a word... a "mantra". I meditate upon my relationship to God, and upon what I know to be the truth pertaining to that relationship… (on what I have written). To me it is a precious time… a time of realignment… a time of getting my priorities in order. A time to look within. In Psalms chap. 1 we read, "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate day and nigh."

If I were asked what my "mantra" might be, I would have to say it would be, "I AM THAT I AM, and "ONLY I AM ."


Here are the reasons why I do not believe in reincarnation. Life (God ) does not create a child without endowing that child with the capacity to be a complete person, independent of any outside spiritual presence apart from it's self! A new born child is not an "empty" shell awaiting some disembodied spirit to give it being! That which God is… is the child's reality. Every "human" child that has ever been born, is God in the infant stage of development, and He certainly did not create the new born "form" for the convenience of some disembodied spirit! To me, "reincarnation" is just a nice word that describes what is known in the scriptures as "demon possession" (a disembodied spirit that has no right to attach itself to, or to take possession of, a living person's body.)


War will not change the minds of men! War will not prevent future wars, nor will government rules and regulations. You can not legislate righteousness, or brotherly love! It must come from within…from within the hearts of men. There is only ONE thing that can bring a meaningful and lasting peace on Earth and that is Spiritual Enlightenment… an awareness of the TRUTH pertaining to mans relationship to his fellow man. This relationship cannot be explained without appearing to be a religious discussion, but such is not my intent... this is not a treatise on religion. The Truth, sometimes, is not an easy thing to grasp. Thoughts are like seeds. Seeds do not mature the moment they are sown. Neither do revolutionary ideas! They take time to "germinate" and take root. I am not going to waste my time or yours in trying to convince you that there is or that there is not a God. All I can tell you for a certainty, is that there is such a being and this being, is not separate or apart from its creations! In fact… IT is the reality of all of Its creations. Call it what you will. I prefer to call IT "God" , or the "Source". IT, is the reality of every living "thing" on the Planet… including you and me and every other "man" on the face of the Earth! Each of us, regardless of our color, language, religion, culture or perceived nationality, is nothing more or nothing less than the Source embodied! Man… is the only organism on Earth in which, and through which, the Source, (God) can function in the world of form AS the Source… As God! No other organism embodies that capacity. Nor does the Source give being to any "thing" separate or apart from itself. Each of us is related to each other and to the Source, as waves are related to the Ocean, or as branches are related to the Vine that produced them! God did indeed make "man" in His image and likeness. HOW…? In the same manner that a Vine gives being to a branch, God (the Father) gave being to us… by becoming us… by being us!

Another amazing Truth is this… no "man" (no John or Jane Doe ) has any being… any reality. The only thing that has being is the Source. God (the Source) did not give being to the person you believe yourself to be! Your parents did that when they named you at your birth! Your name does not constitute Who you are nor does it constitute What you are… it only identifies you with your Earthly parents and "family". Your name, is only who you THINK you are. There is nothing besides the Source or other than the Source. AND… the Source, has an identity. ITS identity is "I". There is nothing besides IT! Why do you think He said "I AM THAT I AM"? The Source… is the I AM within us. It is the Source that says "I am Helen or I am Mary or I am John or I am Peter or whatever". There is no one else! We are ALL One and that ONE is God (the Source ) HE…is the I AM within us!

We read in the Bible that no man has ever seen God. Let me tell you that no "man" has ever seen anything but God! But, so long as we believe ourselves to be the person our parents created when they named us, we cannot see this… we cannot "see" God. Only when we have been "born again" can we see it. We see only Helen or Mary or John or Peter. The disciples saw only the man they knew as Jesus, Can you grasp this? ("Neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son") Not only is "HE" the "cause" of every "thing", He, is also the "substance "of every "thing", and… no "thing" has any being apart from or other than HIM!

To be aware of all of this, and to walk in this awareness… in this consciousness, is to walk in the Christ Mind. The Christ Mind is simply the Divine Mind personified. God (the Father ) is your real self! This is what Jesus knew when He said "He who has seen me, has seen the Father". He knew that God was Who He was, thus did He say "I and my Father are One". We are All One! Why else do you think He prayed that "we might all be One as He and His Father were One"? This is what He came to show us. He functioned in the Divine Mind, because He knew He was the Divine mind embodied! We all are. But… how do we function? As Greeks and Jews and Arabs and Pakistanis and Russians and English men and French men, Americans, Canadians, Indians, Chinese, Asians etc., etc., etc. These are only States of Mind. There is only the Source! Man is God embodied… each and every one of us! Until we see this there will never be Peace on Earth. This is why we were given the commandments. "Love thy neighbor as thyself"…"do unto others as you would have them do unto you"… "thou shalt not kill"… "thou shalt not bear false witness"… etc, etc. Because God (our Source), is the reality of each of us!

We have been told that unless we were "born again", we could not "enter" the Kingdom of God .(we could not attain a consciousness of Oneness). The "Kingdom of God ," is synonymous with God consciousness… it is a state of mind! A state of KNOWING that "I" and my Father (my Source) are One! A state of Knowing that the I AM within us is the Father! But… through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as it has been promoted by the Evangelical Churches of the World, it is impossible to attain that realization. Through their concept of the Spiritual Rebirth, they have failed in their efforts to unite the World in a consciousness of Oneness! Only when we realize that the I AM within each of us is God, and that the person we believe ourselves to be is but the illusion in which we are functioning, can we attain that consciousness… that realization. To function As the Father, is to function in the Christ Mind and only in that consciousness, can Peace on Earth become a reality!


Thoughts are like seeds… they require time to take root in the consciousness. Because the thoughts expressed in this book are so revolutionary, I know of no other means of presenting them so that the reader will comprehend what he or she is reading. This book is not a story, nor is it an explanation of an obvious fact. It is a most unorthodox message; perhaps the greatest Spiritual message that has ever been presented to humanity, and I know of no more effective means of expressing these thoughts, than by the excessive use of quotation marks, spaces instead of comas, capital letters, bold print, script etc. These thoughts are presented more in the fashion of a sermon or a lecture. If my methodology annoys you, I beg your indulgence, and hopefully you will see what the whole World has failed to see, since the fall of the Sons of God as mentioned in Genesis 3 :22 &23.


Should we choose to live as the person our parents created when they named us, we are free to do so. We may acquire a great deal of personal wealth and prestige, which in turn might result in great personal gratification and satisfaction, but… we will surely die! Or… should we choose to die to self, and live in our True identity… our I AM THAT I AM identity, we need never die! (How can that which is immortal ever die ?) We read in the book of Matthew chap. 16, "What doth it profit a man if he should gain the whole World and lose his own soul?" (What good is all the wealth in the world to you when you are dead?) What millionaire or what prominent official in their right mind, would not gladly give up all their wealth or imagined prestige on their death bed, in exchange for Eternal immortality? We cannot have both… "ye cannot serve God and mammon."

We are immortal beings, but, we cannot partake in His immortality if we should choose to live in our John/Jane Doe identity! The Father (the I AM within us)… is immortal. HE is WHAT we are, and HE is WHO we are. HIS immortality… is our immortality! We are actually walking in immortality even NOW, for apart from HIM, we have no being. HE is the I AM THAT I AM! Only as we walk in that consciousness (in God consciousness), can we partake in HIS immortality!

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