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The Miracle working power of
The Christ Mind

May these words go forth to enlighten humanity, for only when this Mind, becomes the governing consciousness throughout the World, will Peace on Earth become a reality.

Since I began to prepare this talk, I have had thoughts that developed, or evolved, as a result. I had no idea that I would wish to further expand on the misunderstanding between Peter and Jesus on the Coast of Cesarea, where the greatest misunderstanding in the history of humanity took place. When Peter told Jesus that, "Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God," in reply to Jesus question, "Whom say ye that I  the son of man am?". Jesus thought that Peter  finally realized that the "I" within  Him and within every other man on Earth, was the Father, and that all men embody the capacity to function as the Father (as the Christ.) It was what prompted Him to say "And upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".  Whereas Peter thought that Jesus alone was 'the son of the living God'. Jesus knew that Peter's answer was a revelation from God, because He knew that God was the reality of everyone. Whereas Peter was unaware that he even had a revelation. He simply believed that Jesus alone was the Christ. This misunderstanding has kept this greatest of all Truths shrouded in mystery since the crucifixion. It resulted in the deification of Jesus! So instead of walking AS the Father, (As the Christ) Christians are inclined to worship Jesus the man.

For two thousand years, the World has looked forward to the second coming of the Christ. Only when we realize that God is the I am within us, will we see the return of 'Him' who is the Christ, for the 'Christ', is not a specific individual. The 'Christ', is the Spirit of God personified. This realization cannot take place before we acknowledge 'God, the Father,' as the "I am" within us, and function in that consciousness. So for two thousand years men have waited in vain for His return, never ever realizing that the Christ is our very own self… the I, the Father within us. It was Our Heavenly Father who suffered the agony of the cross, that we might realize this. In reality, 2000 years ago, it was the Father who was telling  humanity what manner of beings we are. I... am that same I... doing so once again.

May God have mercy on us for what we have done
in ignorance of what we were created to be.

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