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The Miracle working power of
The Christ Mind

How can we function AS the Source when we believe we are the person our parents created when they named us? We are the  Vine individualized! That is why each of us, in referring to ourselves, say "I am," because that is our True identity! This is why He said to Moses in Exodus 3:14, "I AM THAT I AM."  "Tell them I am hath sent thee!"  To bring us into this realization, is the real purpose of the Spiritual Rebirth, not what the Church has taught us! The I AM within each of us, is the Father. This realization brings about our Spiritual Rebirth. Only through this realization, can we 'enter' 'God's Kingdom,' Only through this realization can we attain God consciousness. The only difference between 'sons of men' and 'sons of God', is their state of mind! Men' are but sons of God functioning as men, totally oblivious of what manner of beings they really are, thanks to an erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth. Because the disciples didn't grasp this, and because those who wrote the New Testament didn't grasp it, how could they be expected to teach us the principles involved? To give these "Keys to the Kingdom of God," to the World, is the purpose of this book. For in this realization lies our personal Salvation, and the Salvation of the Human race!

I Have often wondered what the World might be like had Peter seen the significance
of what Jesus was saying as He asked His disciples.
"Whom do men say that I the son of man am?"

Jesus knew that Peter functioned as Peter, and that all the rest of the disciples functioned as men as well None of the disciples grasped what He was saying. None of them knew what it was to be born again. He was not referring to Peter as being the rock, He was referring to Peters spiritual revelation! Had Peter understood  the significance of what the Spirit of God revealed to him when he replied to Jesus' question, perhaps humanity might have treated this Planet, the Garden of Eden, as Holy ground, instead of exploiting it for self gratification?  To function as the Father, is to function as the Christ, for the Christ is simply the person (or the personality) of the Father personified. Jesus walked with His disciples, slept with them, talked with them, ate with them for three years, yet not even Peter grasped the significance, of who He was, what He was, or what He was saying. When Jesus asked Peter, "Whom, say ye that I am?"  Peter replied, "Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God!" Peter thought Jesus, was referring to Himself as being the Christ. Even the night before His crucifixion, His disciple Phillip asked Him to "show us the Father, and then we might believe you." (St. John: 14:8) "Have I been with you all this time and you still haven't seen what I have been telling you? Have I not already told you that I and my Father are One?" "Then let me tell you again, He who has seen me, has seen the Father."  The Father, is who we are, whether we be male or female. He is the "I " within us, the I am within EACH of us! Previous to this, Jesus had said "I of myself can do nothing, it is the Father within me who is the doer." They still did not see it. His disciples could not believe that each of them was the Source embodied, the I AM embodied, exactly as Jesus was. Had Peter seen that every 'son of man', (including himself) was potentially the Christ, rather than seeing 'Jesus' (the outer self) as being the Christ, the Church would have started out on the right track. When  Jesus asked the question "Whom do men say, that "I" the son of man am?" He was referring to the Father, the "I" within Him, and within every other 'person' on the face of the Earth! This Truth, was the 'rock' He referred to when He said to Peter, "upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!" He was referring to Peter's spiritual revelation! If Peter had seen this, it would have set a precedent!  Then all succeeding Popes, would have had to qualify as Christs' in order to become the Pope! Peters failure to perceive the significance of his insight, continues to keep humanity, in darkness, even to this very day. He missed the message. Man, is God embodied! That is what God intended that  Peter should see. When this is seen, it will revolutionize religious thought through out the World. WE are all One!

Let me interject this explanation of why they couldn't see it. Not only did the disciples not see this, virtually the whole of humanity has failed to see it. Thoughts are like seeds they require time to germinate, to sprout and grow.  Jesus explained this when He said, "some seeds fall among thorns, some by the wayside, but some falls on fertile ground. The idea that man is God individualized, is a revolutionary thought. Such an idea is unbelievable to most people who hear it for the first time, Virtually every one who is told that man is God embodied, will immediately reject the idea. This is why so few have ever seen this. When I first heard it. I said to my wife, these men must be out of their minds. A month or two later I was with one of them on a business trip, and once again the conversation got back to this subject, and I suddenly saw it. I was so dumbfounded, that I never slept for 48 hours. How could we have possibly missed seeing it? When I got back home and told my wife that they were right, I guess I was as close to a divorce as I would ever be. I backed off and kept it to myself for several years, but never stopped searching for further enlightenment. This leads me to a little something I must tell you. When you first see this, keep it to yourself. Tell your discovery only to those whom you know you can trust, to those who will support you, to those who will not ridicule you. This insight I got from the Biblical story of the angel telling Mary and Joseph to take the child down into Egypt. Keep Him hidden there until you know it is safe to bring Him out. The World is always ready to crucify the Christ child. Keep this understanding to yourself, until you know in your heart that it is as you believe. Then you will be able to withstand the doubters.

What does it mean to walk with God?

One particular insight that was extremely enlightening for me pertained to Enoch, Noah and Jesus walking with God. This puzzled me to the point of angering me, so I asked God 'What does it mean to walk with God?' Almost immediately I had the answer. Enoch walked with God and ascended. God took Him to Heaven to teach the sons of God in Heaven as He taught the sons of men on Earth, according to the book of Jasher. Noah walked with God, and God spared him and his family. Jesus also walked with God, but more than that, we know He also walked AS God. There was the key to Oneness. To walk with God, is to walk AS God. To walk with God, infers duality. To walk AS God, is to function in a consciousness of oneness with the Source. There is only the Source.

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