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The Miracle working power of
The Christ Mind

the Evangelical Religions of the World. Through their concept, the Spiritual seeker, has only been converted.! They most definitely have not been born again! Those who have been born again through this realization, know that they are an individualized manifestation of God. They can then see that of themselves they have no being. Then they can see that God is the reality of every man/woman on the Planet! The Holy Spirit, is the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God personified is the Christ. The three are one.

How can I keep on saying that we need never die,
when every one we have ever known has died?

We read in the Bible that Enoch transcended, as did Jesus. Even if only one man had ever achieved this, there must be a formula whereby others who functioned as they did could do so as well. They ascended, because they walked AS God. It was not Enoch or Jesus that ascended, it was the Father who ascended. Each of them functioned in God consciousness. Only as God, as the Father, can we enter the Kingdom of God. Only as God can we achieve the ascension. If we were taught at our mothers knee that we embodied everything necessary to function as the Christ, as Jesus functioned, perhaps we would be more inclined to make this realization our goal in Life. To instruct us in achieving this end, is the responsibility of the Church. To become the Christ, and to function AS the Christ, should be our ultimate goal in Life, and this can only be possible when we realize that the "I" within us is the Father. (As I have said, when we realize that the I within us is the Father, we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. It is that likeness that is the Christ!) Only in this consciousness, can we attain the transfiguration. Only in this consciousness, can we experience the ascension, as did Jesus and  Enoch of Old. In this consciousness, we need never die.

I have said that planet Earth is God's school. A place where sons and daughters of men can, through procreation, give being to children, who can, through the Spiritual Rebirth, become sons and daughters of God! If they should so choose!  This was God's purpose for creating the organism known as man. He created us to share His glory WITH us, but not with ANOTHER! We must recognize, acknowledge and walk AS HIM, and in doing so, thereby glorify HIM. WE glorify Him, as we walk as Him! Planet Earth could be called a nursery where God creates Gods! Children of men, functioning in God consciousness, can mature and become Christs' and live forever, as did He who was known as Enoch and  as He who was known as Jesus of Nazareth. If they only knew this!. If we were taught, as children, that we were individualized embodiments of the ETERNAL 'Spirit' of God, perhaps our desire for self  glorification would cease to be the driving force in our lives. Instead, we die as men because we live as men; totally oblivious of the fact that we embody the keys to Life Eternal. And that is through God consciousness, which can only be achieved through the realization that the I within us, is the Father!

At our birth, we are given a name and taught that we are human beings. Through hundreds of years of following the ways of our predecessors, we attend schools and universities that teach us how to survive and excel as men. Billions of dollars are spent in teaching potential children of God how to successfully function as children of men. All in order to excel in a world created in ignorance of what we were created to be. Not only were we meant to function as Gods, we were meant to play a role in our  own transfiguration! As Paul said in Philippians, 'work out your own salvation'. We are told that "flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God,". We are also told that except we be born again, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God, but through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the world's Evangelical religions, we know of no one that has ever consciously entered that Kingdom, for Its not a place, it is a state of Mind. A state of knowing that the "I" within us, is God! As we mature in God consciousness, we eventually come to realize that we can indeed 'walk' AS God, as He who was known as Jesus did! Should we fail to do so, our Christian walk amounts to nothing more than verbal rhetoric! No matter where you go on Planet Earth, you are never out of the Kingdom of God. It is omnipresent. The only place where it seemingly does not exist, is in the consciousness of man!

How do we play a role in our physical transformation?

Man is God embodied! When we know that we are, we must then lay claim to being what we are. We must then WALK AS GOD! As God is Light, one must realize that 'I too am that Light'! It is a law that this realization must come into being (As a man thinketh, so is he), for it can only materialize as we walk in that consciousness… in God consciousness! We must realize that AS God we are Spiritual beings, beings of LIGHT! We are the Light of the World, because we are the consciousness of God embodied! We must see ourselves as beings of Light'! How else can one 'enter' the realm of the Spiritual  World (the Kingdom of Heaven) as a living being … as Enoch did, or as Jesus did? They knew that they were God embodied. So they laid claim to what they knew they were. So too must we! We must know ourselves to be the Light  of the World (the consciousness of God embodied) There in lies the secret of our transfiguration! It was what caused Jesus to shine as the noon day sun. God' s Kingdom of Heaven is not reserved for 'special' people. It is His gift to all who recognize Him as the "I am" within them. It is his gift to all who choose to walk as He walked (as Jesus walked). Only as we walk AS God, can we enter the Kingdom of God, and we could not walk AS God, if we were not already the presence of God. The Vine and the branch are One! Man is the only organism on Earth, in which and through which the Source can function as the Source. No other organism can function as God.

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