The Miracle working power of
The Christ Mind

I believe the World failed to get the real message of the crucifixion 2000 years ago. I believe God appeared as Jesus, not to take upon Himself the sins of humanity, but to show mankind what manner of beings we are, and only when we realize that we are all One, will there be lasting peace on Earth. So bear with me, as I introduce you to your real self, you're higher self.

The Miracle working power of the Christ Mind

All of the clues pertaining  to the Christ Mind, have been read in the Bible billions of times, yet no one that I know  of  has seen them from this perspective. In the Gospel of John , Jesus said "I am the Vine, ye are the branches". I have never found a better description than that to  explain the relationship between God and man.. If God is the Vine and man is the branch, it should not take a genius to figure out that one is but  a manifestation of the other, yet  with my first introduction to religion, I was never told that man and God were One. In fact I was made to believe there was a  great gulf between man and God that could only be breached through accepting God's son as my Lord and savior. As we go along, I will explain to you what caused that gulf. And so as a boy of ten, I did just that. At a summer Bible school I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior along with several of my friends. I suppose because there was no follow up, to the teaching, most of us forgot about our commitment, at least I did, and it was 15 years later that I met the girl I would marry, only to find that she would have nothing to do with me because I was not a born again Christian as she was. So I thought I would go with her to her Church and check out what it was she believed in, and lo and behold if it wasn't exactly what I had been taught when I was just a boy. So I rededicated my Life to Christ. As have hundreds of millions, only to  discover several years later that there was far more to know than what they taught. They had failed to discover that man was God embodied. How could the world  have possibly missed seeing this, was the question in my mind, and the very verse that supported this was that very obvious description of the branch and the Vine. Looking at a maple tree, I realized that as a branch, I had no being. I had to be the presence of God. I couldn't believe that no one from my church was interested in hearing my rational explanation of mans relationship to God, so eventually I left the Church

And  So  began my search to find out all I could about this relationship,
and it forms the body of this message.

One of the first questions in my mind was "Did God not make man an Eternal being? If not why would the scriptures say He made man in His image and likeness? We have never been told that there is an alternative to death! We were never meant to die!  As we become fully realized beings, our bodies will automatically be transformed. We can then become Gods in every sense of the word. AS God gave being to Himself as a physical being, knowing that He is an Eternal being, why would He not have made His physical  manifestations (us branches) as Eternal as Himself, as His Spirit? Well He did… but because man chose to live as though he has being of himself, he denies himself  his Eternal Reality.

When man was first created, There was no 'difference' between "Adam" and God, between man and God .And there is still no difference between man and God, except for the fact that man does not know this!. Adam and God, were One and the same. Adam was in fact, the 'Spirit of God' embodied. So too are we, except that we are totally oblivious of this amazing truth. Nor was 'Adam' aware that he and 'God' were One and the same. The only difference was, that when 'God' became 'Adam', there were no thoughts of religion, culture, language, or Nationalities. Such thoughts did not exist in the Divine Mind.  And as I have said throughout my book, we cannot think thoughts that do not exist in the Divine Mind because we have no 'being' apart from the Divine Mind.  So too did this apply to 'Adam'. He didn't know what it was to 'hate' for 'concepts' of Nationalities, religions and cultures did not exist in the Divine Mind at that time. So men lived for hundreds of years. They did not experience the transfiguration, be cause they had no idea that they were Gods, Eventually they fell so badly that they became as men of today, living for three score and ten years.  As we are the Divine mind individualized, We are also programmers of the Divine Mind. How can this be?  Because we are connected to the Mind of God, as a branch is connected to the Vine! However, God has made provision for the 'fallen' sons/daughters of men, through the Spiritual Rebirth. Through the realization that the "I" within us IS God, He provided us with the means of 'once again' attaining God consciousness', in other words, of re entering the Kingdom of God.  Attaining God consciousness' is synonymous to entering Gods "Kingdom" When we fully realize that God is the I AM within us, we will know that we need never die. We are subject to the law of 'as a man thinketh, so is he' When we know we are the Eternal individualized, and function in God consciousness, as Jesus did, our bodies will be transformed as His was, enabling us to transcend, as did Jesus and Enoch of old.

We'… today, are the 'result' of hundreds of generations of programming. Since the creation of 'Adam', we have been subjected to millions of ungodly acts of sin, hate, violence etc. It was virtually impossible for 'Adam' to sin, because the thoughts that exist in the Universal mind today, did not exist in the Universal mind during 'Adams' time on Earth. This is the answer to the longevity of the 'first' sons of God,  They actually lived for hundreds of years because at that time they knew virtually no sin . Adam died because he ate of the fruit of the tree of the  knowledge of good and evil. He believed in good and evil, and therefore denied the omnipresence of God. We die as men, because we live as men. Should we live as God, as we were meant to live, realizing that God is the reality of every man/woman that has ever  been born, we need never die! God, the Vine, is Eternal. So too are the branches, but we have failed to realize our relationship to our Source, to God. Nor can we function as the Source, because we have no idea that

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