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The Essence of
The Christ Mind

I realize that Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc, may resent anything to do with Christianity, but is there anything in their religious beliefs that indicates or points to the existence of the transfiguration or the ascension? That is the greatest motivating reason there is for pursuing the Christ Mind...(for walking as Jesus walked.) If we all must die, then what is the point in walking as He walked? Why not just go on being who we believe ourselves to be if there is no such thing as the transfiguration, or if there is no alternative to physical death? No such thing as the transfiguration or the ascension exists in these other religions. That alone should draw the masses to Christianity… as the reason for seeking the 'Christ Mind'. Even Christians do not believe this! They too are convinced that every one must die. They think that way, because they think 'they' have being, when only the "I" within them has being! (It is the outer self, the illusion, that must die) Only as we function as the "I AM" (as God), can the transfiguration take place. And it will only take place as we remain positive and think positively, because we are 'creative' beings! (As a man thinketh, so is he/she). Man…is the Creator (the Spirit of God), embodied! Thus we are responsible for 'working out our own salvation'!  "I, even I, am the Lord: and beside me there is no savior" (Isaiah 43:11). The "I" within us is our 'savior'! I cannot 'water down' this message in order to make others 'feel good'. If they reject it... so be it.

Every man/woman  and child on Earth, regardless of color language religion culture or perceived nationality, is God (the 'Spirit' of God) embodied. There is not a single John or Jane Doe on Earth that has any reality… any 'being'! Absolutely every one, is functioning in an illusion! The only One who has being, is the Source. Call IT God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha. Jehovah or whatever you wish. Nothing has 'being' apart from IT, or other than IT! The Source, is a Universal Organism… a Spiritual, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, 'being '. The reality of every living 'thing'. It gives being to every 'thing', by 'becoming' every 'thing'. It is the "I" within you , within me, and within every other 'thing' on the face of the Earth! IT is the Vine, we are the branches. IT is the Ocean, we are the waves. To  KNOW this, and to function in awareness of this, is to function in the 'Christ Mind' .It was in this consciousness, that He who was known as Jesus functioned! It was for this reason He said, "I and my Father are One".           

The scriptures tell us that Man is made in the image and likeness of God. If we were taught as little children, that we are 'gods', we would be more naturally inclined to make this realization our goal in life as we grow and mature. To instruct us in achieving this end, is the responsibility of the Church! Our purpose in life should be to 'become as aware of being  God (the Father), as 'Jesus' was'. To become the Christ, and to function AS the Christ (as the Father), must become our ultimate purpose, our ultimate goal in Life! Only in this consciousness, can we attain the transfiguration. Only in this consciousness, can we experience the ascension as did Enoch of old. In this consciousness, we need never die!

Be sure to read Matthew 25; 34-45

Only when the Christ Mind becomes the governing consciousness throughout the World… 

will peace on Earth become a reality.

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