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The Essence of
The Christ Mind

The only difference between a 'son/daughter of God and a son/daughter of 'man', is their state of Mind! We must die as this 'person' we believe ourselves to be. The outer 'self' must be crucified before the Eternal "I" within us can be fully resurrected. He suffered the cross, that we might see this! Creating 'man', was Gods way of creating Gods! Through 'procreation', men and women give birth to sons and daughters. 'Sons and daughters' of 'men', are potentially sons and daughters of God! We can effectively function AS sons and daughters of God, once we realize that the "I Am" within us IS GOD! Every 'human' child born on Planet Earth, is God in the infant stage of development!

In our search for God, we have failed to realize that the God we are searching for, is the I AM within us… our real self! Nor has humanity discovered that the person our parents created when they named us, is the Satan we have been warned to avoid.

To realize that the ' I ' within us is the 'Father',
is to possess The Pearl of Great Price.

Man, is the only organism on the Planet ,in which and through which the Source (God), can function in the World of form AS the Source. But only when we realize that the "I" within us IS the Source!

"The gift of God is Eternal life."
(the gift of God, is the gift of BEING God.)

To walk AS God, requires a much deeper commitment than it does to 'worship' God. To 'worship God, you can still be 'you'. To walk as God requires the death of the outer 'self'. The death of the outer self can only take place when we realize the absolute nothingness of the outer self… when we realize that the John/Jane Doe we believe our self to be, is but an illusion. The "I" within us (the Father), is the real you and the real me. Each of us is the Father (the creative I AM) individualized.

'Jesus' did not bring the message of salvation to humanity. The Father Himself did (I and my Father are One). Only humanity failed to realize this. They thought He (God) was but a 'man' they knew as Jesus!

Becoming a 'Spiritual Healer', is a side effect of knowing that 'I and my Father are One' A healer is not concerned with trying to remove the condition or the 'disease'. They simply focus on removing the illusion… the belief that we have 'being' of ourselves.

Man is the only organism that embodies the capacity to set in motion his own transfiguration. " Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling", Paul said (with caution, keep in mind, we have no 'being' of ourselves!). This transformation follows the realization that the "I" within us is the Father. It is the final step in the metamorphic process, which is set in motion by an indwelling consciousness of Oneness! It does not require the death of the body. It requires the death of the 'self'… the illusion!

A Healing, is an "effect", as is the Transfiguration.
A Healing, is actually a 'mini' transformation.
The Transfiguration, is a Major transformation.
Both are evidence of different degrees of
an Awareness of Oneness. 

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