The World is spiritually bankrupt.

Whether we realize it or not, all that a 'man' is,(all that we are) is an individualized embodiment of the Universal Mind. Call it the Divine Mind, the Mind of God, the Spirit of God, or whatever else you wish to call it. Many great scientists say that the Universe can best be described as a vast Universal Mind! A living 'organism' if you will! This might be a little more understandable when we realize that every living 'thing' on Earth can best be described as an 'organism'. As every living 'thing' is but an effect, and as every effect is but the 'cause'(the Source) manifesting, it only stands to reason that the Source of every 'thing' is also an organism. (A Universal 'Mind' if you will,) and every living 'thing' lives and moves and has its being in this Universal Mind (in this Universal organism!) What "It" is… is what we are. 'We' are the 'Mind' of God functioning in these forms that we call 'our' bodies, only we think 'we' are this person our parents created when they named us at our birth!

The Bible says that 'no 'man' has ever seen God! This is because God is 'consciousness' (our consciousness). Consciousness, is invisible. We cannot 'see' Him, we only see the forms in which and through which He (the Source) manifests. Our consciousness, is actually Gods consciousness individualized, only we think 'we' have being. We have no being, as the person we believe ourselves to be. There is ONLY the Source! And who is responsible for us not knowing this? Our 'learning' facilities, our Churches, our schools and our Universities. Billions are being spent on teaching us how to live as 'men'…on how to be 'better' men. Virtually no one is teaching 'humanity' how to live and function as the Source (as the Father)…as Jesus did and taught! To function AS the Source, is to function in the Christ Mind. The greatest teacher of this Truth that ever lived was crucified for teaching this some 2000 years ago. And either we look at His life from this perspective, and choose to 'follow' Him, or face obliteration at the hands of ego driven individuals who think 'they' have being of themselves.

I am beginning to believe that perhaps many who 'followed' Jesus saw this, but could not bring them selves to 'die to self', for I am certain that the same reluctance to ''die to self' was as prevalent then, as it is today. But…the greatest incentive on Earth for 'man' to choose to die to self, is the realization that there is an alternative to physical death… an incentive that the Worlds Religions have never discovered! The realization that the "I" within us is the Eternal Immortal I AM! We have been led to believe that all men will die, so while we are alive, while we are here, lets just make the most of it (we are going to die anyway) Never have we been told that we are the Eternal I AM embodied! We live as men, because we have been made to believe we are nothing more than mere 'men'. But…we are creative beings…as a man thinketh, so is he. So we die as men because we live as men! It is only when we choose to live in our True identity…in our I AM THAT I AM identity that we need never die. The "I" within us is Eternal! We are Eternal beings, who need never die! And… what earthly treasure can compare with Life Eternal ?. Why has Jesus statement 'what shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul' never been taken seriously? Because we have never been made aware of being the Creative Eternal I AM individualized; because of the reluctance to die to self (the illusion), and because we were never made aware of the fact that there is an alternative to death.

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