With nothing but love and respect...

With nothing but love and respect for Him who showed us the way, I make the following assumption. Even Jesus was fallible! I believe it was so obvious to Jesus, that man and God were One, that he couldn't believe that others couldn't see it. I believe that He wrongfully assumed that humanity was much more aware of their relationship to God than they were. And why would He not? His Mother must have made Him aware of what He was from the cradle, so why would He not think that every one else would know it as well? What He seemingly didn't realize was how difficult it was for 'older people' to grasp it, people who were programmed to believe they were the 'person' their parents created when they named them. He apparently assumed it was quite obvious to everyone. " How sayest thou then, show us the Father?" He said to Phillip (St. John. 14: 9) 'Have I been so long with you and you still don't know who I am?' "He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father", Have I not already told you that 'I and my Father are One'? Even Peter denied knowing Him on the eve of His crucifixion. After living with Him and listening to His teaching for 3 years, none of the disciples had seen what He was trying to get them to see. None of them got the message! The message being. Man is God embodied! Man and God, are One! The "I" within us is God, the Father! This they failed to see. Nor has the World seen it yet! This is the message that I hope to get the whole of humanity to see! The only difference between Jesus and those around Him was this. He knew that He and His Heavenly Father were ONE, and so He functioned AS the Father, whereas those around Him functioned as the person their parents created when they named them.

Once this is seen, it becomes as obvious as the nose on your face. But, we cannot see it until the seed (the idea) that the "I within us is the Father" 'germinates' in our consciousness! This is the essence of the Christ Mind. Thoughts are like seeds! " I and my Father are One", is the seed (the idea) that sets in motion the Spiritual Rebirth. We must be 'born again', born into the realization that the "I" within us, is the Father! By no other means can we 'enter' the 'Kingdom of God'. (By no other means can we attain a consciousness of Oneness.) By no other means can we function as the Father, (as Jesus functioned)! The Christ Mind, the 'Kingdom of God', and God consciousness, are One and the same thing! Every 'One', is the Spirit of God manifesting (the consciousness of God manifesting), yet virtually no one is aware of this amazing Truth.

It is the Light that shines in the darkness, but the darkness (humanity) 'comprehends it not' (St. John Chpt.1). Enoch walked 'with' God. Noah walked 'with' God, and we know that Jesus walked with God. But more than that, we know that Jesus walked AS God! To walk 'with' God, is synonymous to walking AS God. With that insight, I discovered the 'Christ Mind'.

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