The whole of humanity...

The whole of humanity has missed seeing the greatest truth on Earth! Even though we have the Bible as our Spiritual guidebook ~ the whole of humanity has failed to realize that God ~ our Source ~ made the organisms known as 'man' in "His image and likeness". 'In the day that God created man ~ in the likeness of God made He 'man' ~ Male and female created He them'! Yet virtually no one believes this to be true! Every man and every woman on Planet Earth ~ is the Spirit of God individualized ~ (the 'mind' of God individualized) ~ but virtually no one is aware of what manner of beings we so called 'human beings' are! 'Humankind' ~ is the Divine Mind individualized ~ the Divine Mind embodied in temples of flesh! Living temples known as 'human beings'. This is what makes us creative beings! But the whole of humanity has never realized this'! Virtually every one functions as the 'person' their parents created when they named them at their birth! Only a few have come to realize that God was (is) the "I" within them!

Billions of 'human beings' are religious to some extent ~ yet they have never come to realize that all 'men' are actually 'sons and daughters of God by birth'! We read in Genesis where God made man in his image and likeness ~ male and female created He them! So through procreation ~ Adam and Eve gave being to ~ children 'after their kind' ~ to "children of God"! And so it is to this day! Children of men ~ through procreation continue to give being to children of God ~ ('after their kind)' ~ in perpetuity! Every 'human being' on Earth ~ is God (the Divine Mind) manifesting as a 'man' ~ yet few have ever discovered that they are the presence of the God they have been searching for. Nor have they ever realized that the 'person' they believe themselves to be ~ is the SATAN that they have been warned to beware of. It is the belief that we are who our parents named us ~ that keeps us from 'walking' in the 'Kingdom of God' ~ from realizing that God is the "I" within us ~ (the Christ Mind)! The 'Kingdom of God' ~ is a state of mind ~ a state of KNOWING that God is the "I" within us ~ that God is our reality! (When I tell people this I usually get the same response ~ "are you out of your mind?")

But ~ because of what manner of beings we are ~ (the creative mind of God embodied) we become what we perceive ourselves to be. We are taught from the cradle that we are mere human beings (beings known as 'man') And every country on Earth has learning institutions from kindergarten to institutions of 'higher learning' ~ Universities, Colleges, etc ~ teaching children of God ~ how to function as 'men'. Institutions that teach us how to survive and thrive in the 'Kingdom of God ~ as 'human beings'. But when Jesus tried to show His disciples (and those around Him) how children of men could function as children of God ~ they thought that He was the one who was 'out of His Mind'! He tried to get them to see that all 'men' were God ~ the Father ~ embodied! It was His most avid prayer that all of humanity should come to this realization ~ that they all may be One ~ even as we ~ (the Father and I) ~ are one! But no one got the message! Nor have the Worlds Religious institutions seen it to this day! When Jesus asked His disciples 'whom do men say that "I" the son of man am ~ He thought that Peter had finally seen that man and God were One! But that was not the case. Peter believed that, somehow or other, Jesus was a 'son' of God ~ but he never realized that so too is every other 'son' and 'daughter' of 'man' on Planet Earth! Why ~ because he never realized that 'man' was God individualized! And so for the next 2000 years ~ 'children of God' thought and functioned as mere children of 'men'. Building bigger and better learning institutions in which to teach their children how to survive and flourish as 'men' ~ as mere 'human 'beings'!

When all that was necessary for them to learn to function as 'children of God' ~ AS Christ's, was the realization that God ~ the Father ~ is the "I" within them ~ and that our names are simply meant to identify us from each other! (Rather than leading us to believe that our names constitute 'who' we are!) The realization that God is the "I" within us ~ sets in motion our Spiritual Rebirth ~ enabling us to be what we were created to be! By no other means can we 'enter' the Kingdom of God (By no other means can we attain the Christ Mind!) Then ~ through faith in this Truth ~ children of God (which is what we are) can indeed function AS Children of God ~ as children of 'men' were meant to do! By not believing that God made 'man' in His image and likeness ~ and through an erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ the Churches of the World have never realized that children of 'men ~ are actually children of God by birth! Creating the organisms known As 'man' ~ was Gods way of creating Gods! We don't have to 'become' children of God ~ we just have to realize that we already are that! God (the Father) is the "I" within us! Through faith in this realization ~ we too can function As the Father ~ as did He who was 'named' Jesus! That the World might come to realize this ~ was His most avid prayer!

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