When our parents name us...

When our parents name us at our birth ~ not realizing that we are actually 'children of God' ~ they actually are condemning us to death! Every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, is God (the father) in the infant stage of development. (The Spirit of God embodied!) Children of 'men' are actually children of God, if we only realized this! (Call no 'man' your father upon the Earth, for one is your father, which is in heaven!) We are God's by birth, only few are aware of this. So our parents name us (to identify us with them) and then they begin to program us in 'their' image and likeness. We are programmable beings! In ignorance of our true potential ~ we are molded by the beliefs of our parents and of our ancestors! But thanks to the Spiritual Rebirth ~ we can be made to see, through sound reasoning, that God; our Source ~ the Eternal I am ~ IS OUR REALITY!

Without this realization ~ we go through life believing that we are this person our parents created when they named us ~ totally oblivious of the fact that the Spirit of God, (the Divine Mind) is the reality of every man/woman on Earth. Names are a necessity! We need names for a number of reasons, but names do not constitute our reality ~ they do not give us 'being'! Only God ~ the "I" within us has being! So we function as 'men' ~ as the John or Jane Doe our parents created when they named us! And because we function AS men ~ we die as men. Had we been made aware of the fact that we are the Divine mind individualized ~ (that God is the "I" within us) And should we choose to walk consistently in that consciousness ~ AS did He who was known as Jesus ~ we would never die! How could that which is Eternal Life and knew that it was Eternal Life, ever die? It was in this consciousness that Enoch functioned and in which "Jesus" functioned! They knew that they were God individualized. They also knew that so too is every other man/woman on Planet Earth! It was in this consciousness that they were transfigured and in which they transcended! It was this that Jesus could not get His disciples to see!

When He asked His disciples ~ whom do men say that "I" the son of man am, and 'whom do 'ye' say that I am, Peter replied ~ thou art the Christ ~ the son of the living God'! Jesus thought Peter finally understood what He had been trying to get them to see ~ that man and God were one! And it was 'upon that truth ~ that man and God were One ~ that He said He would build His Church and the gates of Hell ~ NOTHING ~ could prevail against it! But Peter, nor any of His other disciples, realized this! They believed that Jesus was the Christ, but had no idea that God was the "I" within them! (Once we see that God is the "I" within us ~ and should we choose to walk in that consciousness ~ that awareness ~ we take upon ourselves the likeness of God (the Father). That likeness is the Christ! Thus did He say ~ I and my Father are One! The Spirit of God and the Father are One ~ not two! And when we see that God is the "I" within us, and walk in that consciousness, we walk as the 'third person' of the Trinity ~ as Christ's ~ as we were meant to do ~ EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!

We are the only organisms on the Planet that embody the capacity to 'bypass ' physical death ~ the only organisms that God made in 'His image and likeness'! But our names act as dams as it were. (In my opinion ~ the word Adam, in verse two of Exodus 5, means a 'thing' or an object ~ whereas in verse three it means a persons name. "And He called their name Adam" (a dam? ~ an obstruction?). A dam shuts off the flow of water. And 'water' in the scriptures is symbolic of the Truth. 'He who drinketh the water that I shall give him ~ shall never thirst. But the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life! And the 'water' that I shall give him/her, is the Truth ~ the realization that the "I" within everyone, is God (the Father)! When we come to see this ~ we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. That likeness is the Christ ~ the 'person' of God personified! And as we function AS God ~ we need never die! (He who liveth and believeth in me (AS me) ~ shall never die!) For there is not God AND us ~ there is ONLY God! HE IS US ~ believe it or not! Further proof that our names act as obstructions, is in Exodus 6: 2-3 God said to Moses ~ I am the Lord, and I was known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty ~ but by my name Jehovah, they knew me not! Nor has anyone realized that it was "I"(the Father) that was named 'Jesus' ~ or that "I" am the 'I' (or the I am) within every man/woman on Planet Earth!

There will be no lasting Peace on Earth until the whole of humanity realizes that God is the "I" within every One! Which is why He prayed (St. John 17: 21-22) ~ that they all may be One ~ as thou Father art in me and I in thee ~ that they also may be One in us. And in verse 22 ~ that they may be One ~ even as we are One! We are all One, and God ~ the "I" within each of us, is that One! How could the religious elite have failed to see this?

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