When the Virgin Mary...

When the Virgin Mary came to realize that she was God embodied, (after that the Holy Spirit came upon her) she was 'filled' with the Truth... the Holy Spirit) She went to visit Elizabeth... the elderly spouse of Zacharias. As soon as Mary greeted Elizabeth, she too was filled with the Holy Spirit, and her unborn baby leaped in her womb, This tells me two things. First off... prior to its birth, a child can be influenced by its parents thinking as well as the thoughts of other people... even "from conception". Secondly... when we are 'filled with the Holy Spirit', we can lift others into that consciousness as well. I found this to be true concerning my brother in law and my friend who invited me to join him for a day at the ballpark. Both of them (before we parted company) agreed with me in total! They virtually swore that what I had said was what they had always believed! Believe it or not! (Two 'born again' Christians, with one being a Minister for 40 years!) Which made me wonder how they could renounce what I had said a few days later. It might even say a little more. Elizabeth was six months pregnant with her son (John the Baptist) when she felt her baby 'leap in her womb' at Mary's salutation. (And Mary was not yet married to Joseph.) Might Elizabeth's child have functioned 'AS the Father' had Elizabeth known that she too was God embodied prior to her becoming pregnant? As it was, her baby had no idea that he too was God embodied, so he functioned as a 'teacher' of the way of mans salvation...as a 'minister' of the gospel. Do we not all tend to walk as we are taught from the cradle? All the more reason to know that we are all 'God embodied' prior to marriage! And all the more reason to believe that our children are also God's by birth! Is it not what the whole of humanity was meant to realize? Mary realized this and thanks to her convincing her son of this, He showed humanity the way back into Gods Kingdom (He showed us how 'man' could once again function in God consciousness). By teaching us by example that God did indeed make man in His image and likeness, and all we need do to make the 'Christ Mind' our reality is to KNOW it, and to function AS Him (as the Father), instead of 'worshipping' "Jesus"! To worship Jesus, is to worship an illusion! Might naming Mary's child 'Jesus', have been Gods way of telling us that children of men, are children of God? Does not the word 'Jesus' mean 'God with us'?

Was Mary's child any different from the rest of us? No! God made each of us in His image and likeness (He is the "I" within each of us!) but He did not create the person we believe ourselves to be! Our parents did that when they named us. Every human child born on Planet Earth, is and always has been, God the father in the infant stage of development) But... we function not AS the Father, but as the person our parents named us! (Thanks to the Churches erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth.) None of us have any being! There is ONLY the Father... and this includes Mary's child. She gave birth to the Father (in the infant stage of development). She did not give birth to Jesus! "JESUS" was created by Mary and Joseph, WHEN THEY NAMED Him (the Father in the infant stage) 'Jesus'. Jesus is as much an illusion as is Chris, Robert, Jerry or whoever! There is no one other than or besides the Father! We were made in the image and likeness of the Father. At the birth of Mary's child they named Him (the Father) Jesus. At your birth, your parents named 'Him' Chris. My parents named 'Him' Robert, Jerry's parents named 'Him' Jerry, my wife's parents named 'Him' Bertha, etc, etc, etc. Our names hide our true identity... our I am identity! Might this be why God told Moses... "I" was known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God almighty, but by my "name" Jehovah, they knew me not? (My version of Exodus 6:3) And by my name 'Jesus' they know me not as well!

If we wish to become as 'Jesus' was, (the Christ) we must function AS THE FATHER! WHY? Because the Father is who we are! We cannot become AS 'Jesus' was, by worshipping 'Jesus' (the 'illusion')! We can only be as 'Jesus' was by dying to self and WALKING AS THE FATHER...AS 'Jesus' did. For the FATHER, is the reality of each of us! It is the Father, that is Gods only begotten son. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father, and the Spirit of the Father personified, is the Christ. The 'three', are actually One, and each of us, is that One!

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