When Jesus said - 2

When Jesus said, 'No man commeth unto the Father, but by me', He was actually saying, 'only AS the Father, can we function As the Father'. 'Only As me, can you function AS me'. Only through faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us, can we function AS the Father. When the 'man' known as 'Jesus' spoke, it was the Father who was speaking. In reality, no matter who we think we are, it is really the Father who is speaking (whether we be male or female). There is no one besides, or other than the Father, whether we realize this or not! Whether we realize it or not, every 'man' on the Planet, is God embodied. When we 'think', we are God thinking, when we ponder, we are God 'pondering' and when we speak, we are God speaking. There is no One other than God, the Father! This is why 'man', is a creative being. But because we are not aware of this phenomenal fact, we think and function as the 'person' our parents created when they named us. Thus creating the beliefs that divide us (creating the World we live in today)

Every one believes 'they' have 'being' of them selves, when in fact no 'man or woman' on Planet Earth, no John or Jane Doe (no 'Adam' or 'Eve'), has any being whatsoever! The ONLY One, who has 'being', is God, the Father, our Source! Not even did 'Jesus' have any being! There is ONLY the Father! ('Jesus', was only His name!) This is why I have written in so many of my essays, that 'every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, or that ever will be born on Planet Earth, is God, the Father, in the infant stage of development. It was the Father in the infant stage of development that was born that morning in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph! It was the Father whom they were instructed to name "Jesus" (And thou shalt call "His" name Jesus!) It was not Jesus that Mary gave birth to, it was the Father. The Father, is the reality of every so-called 'human' child that has ever been born on Earth.

The "Virgin birth", took place in Mary's consciousness (when the Holy Spirit, the Truth) dawned upon her! (When she realized that 'man' and God were ONE!) It was this that she made her son aware of, from the cradle. (The Virgin Birth, is synonymous with the Spiritual Rebirth! The Spiritual Rebirth, is also a 'Virgin birth', conceived in our consciousness, through faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us.) 'Jesus' grew up realizing that He and God were one and the same! This was why He said to His parents when they found Him in the temple "Wist ye not that I must be about my Fathers business"? (Luke 2:49) He functioned as the Father from birth! Thanks to the teaching of His Mother! This was why He said to His disciples "I and my Father are One". This was why He told Phillip "He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father." The younger we are when we come to realize that God is the "I" within us, the less 'programming' we have to overcome! When someone does something greater than what Jesus did, it will be someone who is made to see from their mothers knee, that children of 'men', are actually children of God! God is man's reality. Man. is God embodied. God is the "I" within each of us. It is this that the Church has failed to discover! It is this that humanity has never realized! It is this that the World must be made to see! Regardless of who we think we are, we are never less (nor more) than God (the Father) individualized! We might even say that the Spiritual Rebirth, or the Virgin Birth, is Gods way of giving being to Himself. We cannot function AS the Father, until we realize that the Father is the "I" within us.

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