Were any of the disciples 'born again'?

No! None of them even knew what it was to be born again! They may have been filled with the Holy Spirit, (temporarily) but they definitely did not know what it meant to be born again! They definitely did not realize that God was their reality... that God was the "I" within them! That realization is what it means to be 'born again'. Nor have any of the Worlds Religions discovered this. And As Jesus said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot 'see' the Kingdom of God! Until we realize that God is our reality, we can NEVER function AS God (the Father)! We may 'try' to walk as Him, but we would fail. We would continue to see ourselves as being the person our parents created when they named us at our birth! We can only walk As God (as the Father) when we see clearly that we have no being apart from Him, or other than Him! When we see that we cannot be anything other than an extension of the Vine! Only then can we 'see' that God is our reality! Only then can we walk as Jesus walked!

Because the disciples did not realize that they too were God embodied, they wrote what they wrote in the consciousness of being the person that their parents had named them. They wrote 'about' the son of God, not AS 'a' son of God! When I started writing, I wrote as best I could, as though I was the Father writing. Even so, I did not realize that what I had written was the Christ Mind, until I had written a small booklet which I had entitled 'Points of Light'. Only then did I realize the significance of what I had written. It was not Jesus who wrote any of the gospels. As none of the writers of the gospels knew that God was the "I" within them, they could do no more than explain their beliefs as best they could, from 'their' point of view! The same applied to the Apostle Paul. He saw himself as being none other than 'Paul'! He even began his letters by saying "I" Paul! He functioned AS 'Paul'! Whereas 'Jesus' functioned AS God... the Father! And He was not born 'fully aware' of this! This was what His Mother taught Him from His birth! It was this she saw when the Holy Ghost 'came upon her'. It amounted to her Spiritual Rebirth! She saw that man and God were One! It was His faith in what His Mother taught him that inspired Him to walk AS His heavenly Father (As God)!

At our birth we are like an un-programmed computer! We 'become' what we are programmed to believe ourselves to be!

That man is God embodied, (or God individualized) was what He tried to get His disciples to see, but none of them got the message! Proof of this was Phillip's request to Him a night or two before His crucifixion, "Show us the Father, and it will sufficeth us," he said! Proof that they had failed to grasp what He was telling them! Proof that they had not been 'born again'! So how could John have written anything other than "in" when He wrote what Jesus said in John 3: 16? He would have thought it blasphemy to have written 'whosoever believeth AS Him, (instead of 'in' Him,) would not perish but would have everlasting life! But what a difference it would have made throughout Christianity had it been written as I have stated! (As I believe it was stated!) Then Christians would have been focused on walking AS Him, (as the Father) instead of believing 'in' Him. We were not meant to worship God, we were meant to walk as God .For when we see that God (the Father) is the "I" within us, we begin to function with that in mind (if we accept it as being the truth). We then begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father, and it is that likeness, that is the Christ! Then it becomes obvious that no religion on Earth can compare with Christianity! Then we would no longer view Christianity as being a 'Religion', but as a way of life! As the most significant and meaningful of all vocations! The only vocation on Earth that assures us of an Eternal reality!

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