We are God (the Father) coming into being

We are God (the Father) coming into being at 'conception', and we are God developing as the 'fetus' and God (the Father) in the infant stage of development at our birth. Should we be told, as Jesus must have been when we are just children, that we are children of God in the process of 'becoming what we were created to be', we might grow into God consciousness by the time we matured as adults, as He did. At any rate, we must come to realize that God is the "I" within us, else there is no way we can ever become as God the Father. (As the Christ) And it is imperative that we come to realize this or we most certainly will die as men, as we live as men.

When we realize that God is the "I" within us, and should we choose to live in that consciousness, we will indeed grow into the likeness of the Father. That likeness is the Christ. As we ponder upon our relationship to our Source, we will come to realize that every living 'thing', is the Spirit of God (or the mind of God) manifesting as that 'thing'. (Every 'thing' we are looking at, is the Mind of God manifesting As that 'thing'.) And as this is the case, we will also realize that the Mind of God, is the 'substance' of all form and because this 'substance' came into manifestation through the direction of God's consciousness, it must remain subject to conscious direction, for it is never less than pure Intelligence! The attributes of God are inseparable. That being the case, 'we' can, through faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us, act upon it in like manner. If Gods consciousness caused 'the substance of His Mind' to take the form held in the 'consciousness' of God, 'our' consciousness can also cause it to manifest as we direct it through decree! We embody the capacity to transform the substance of our bodies back into what it was prior to 'becoming' our bodies, by decree, or by request! Why? Because 'our' minds are the Divine Mind individualized! "Whatsoever we so desire, we have but to believe and the substance of God, (the intelligence) will manifest as we believe"! And the only requisite is faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us! This had to have been how Enoch's body was transformed and the bodies of his followers in order for all of them to transcend! And most certainly Jesus' consciousness played a role in His ascension. It did not happen through some 'outer' force. It is the action of the consciousness upon the intelligence. The creative principle in action. It had to have been because He knew that the substance of His body was subject to His conscious direction! And as He saw it as Light, it 'became' that! He fed the multitudes from this 'invisible' substance and this same substance remains the same, regardless of the various forms it has taken, for it is nothing less than pure 'intelligence'! The cells of our bodies are not just 'intelligent', they are pure intelligence! Intelligence is a 'substance', the 'substance' of all form. It is the Mother aspect of the creative principle, and its sole purpose is to 'become' whatever the Consciousness believes or decrees itself to be!

How could He have made us in His image and likeness, without giving us the means of becoming Eternal Beings? The ONLY substance He had to create from, was His 'Mind'. This same substance is subject to our direction as well, for His Mind, is 'our' mind! (We don't even exist as the person we believe ourselves to be. There is only the Vine!). It requires no more faith to have the substance of our bodies take the form of 'light', than to have it take the form of every other living 'thing'. All that is necessary is for us to have faith in the belief that God, the Father (the Vine), is our reality. And through faith in that belief, bring about our own transfiguration and ascension, enabling us to be what our Creator intended us to be in every sense of the word! On the mount of transfiguration, He was seen to shine as the noonday sun. This was because He knew that He was the light of the world embodied, and in that consciousness He walked. And because He (Jesus) was the creator individualized, He 'became' what He knew himself to be.

We have no being of ourselves. We are the Source embodied. God is the Light of the World. God, Life, Consciousness, Truth and Light are synonymous. They are all One! God is the LIGHT of the World, the LIGHT that lighteth every 'man' that commeth into the World. Lay claim to this Truth! Realize that this is what a 'man' is. God's consciousness embodied, the LIGHT of the World embodied, the 'creative' Mind of God embodied! Meditate upon it! Lay claim to it! See yourself in your meditations as being LIGHT! Proclaim it! "I" am the Light of the World! And because we are the Creative Mind of God embodied, we will become what we KNOW ourselves to be! Herein lies the secret of the transfiguration, the secret of our ascension into the heavens as sons and daughters of God! Made possible by acknowledging Him as our reality, as the "I Am" within us.

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