We live in a Spiritual Universe.

The Universe, is an endless, unbounded 'mental' organism! An omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent organism that embodies the capacity to become whatever it sees itself as being. There is nothing that it doesn't know, and nothing that it has not imagined itself to be. It is the Universal Mind…and there is nothing besides it. It is 'the Mind of God'. The Visible World we see, is but a manifestation of its creative capacity. Nothing that we see has any being of itself. Every thing we see, is this Universal 'Spirit'…this Universal Mind, (the Invisible World) manifesting AS that thing. IT…is what each of us and what every other 'thing' is! Because we are not aware of being 'IT', and because we believe 'we' have being apart from this Universal Mind…this Invisible World, we function as 'human beings'…totally oblivious of being an individualized manifestation of the Mind of God…a virtual 'son of God'.

So…we think we are mere 'men', and so we die as men. This Universal Mind, is Eternal. IT is who we are, and IT is what we are. We are creative because IT is creative. (This is why we read in the scriptures… 'as a man thinketh, so is he') Should we realize this and function AS IT, we need never die. How can that which is Eternal, and know that it is Eternal ever die? Man… is the only organism we are aware of that embodies the capacity to function AS the Source. This is not to say that there are not other forms of Life that might realize this as well. Whether we 'live' in this World of form, or in the so-called 'Invisible' World (after physical death), we are still nothing more nor nothing less than this Universal Mind individualized! Should we live as 'men', we shall die as men. We are 'Universal beings', but because we have failed to realize what manner of beings we are, we live and die as men. Should we realize that we are the Invisible, Eternal, Spirit of God individualized, and should we choose to live in that consciousness, we need never die. We can then 'explore' the Heavens as 'sons and daughters' of God…with the entire Universe being ours to 'discover'!

The following is only my opinion of what "Life" might be like in the 'afterlife'. Those who die, believing themselves to be nothing more than mere 'men', cannot leave the Earth plane, because their consciousness holds them in the Earth's frequency…in the frequency of 'matter'. (Might this be a fitting description of Hell?) The same thing is required of those who cannot leave the Earth plane after death, as is required of the so called 'living'…they need to come to 'see' that they too are 'children of God' before they can 'enter' the Kingdom of God.

Few will attain the ascension. Those who have been functioning in this awareness, (in God consciousness), but who do not attain the ascension, will basically 'wake up' in paradise. Those who believed 'in' Him will be quickly forgiven. Those who 'passed over' who renounced God as their reality, will require a great deal of sincere penitence before they can leave the Earth plane. And the Bible says that for those who deny the existence of the Holy Spirit, or speak against the Holy Spirit, there is no forgiveness… in this life or the next. (Perhaps this is because they do not believe there is a God)

So the need for men to know that the "I" within them is the Father, is required of all men. Whether we be in the land of the so-called 'living' or in the hereafter, we cannot 'enter' the 'Kingdom of God' until we sincerely acknowledge God as the "I", (or the "I AM") within us! This acknowledgement and this commitment is the prerequisite for 'entering' Gods Kingdom (for attaining God consciousness) as committed 'sons and daughters' of God here or in the 'hereafter'. As Eternity is forever, I would think that there is an equivalent need for those who have 'died in Christ' to know that they too were created to be Christs, as was He who was known as Jesus. But …who (other than Jesus) has passed over in the past 2000 years, has known this? Might this message be as desperately needed in the ethereal realm as in this the 'visible' realm? After all… whether we be in the Visible realm or the Invisible realm, both 'realms' are an integral part of the Whole. Are both 'realms' not a part of the One big picture…an integral part of the Universal Kingdom of God?

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