We die as men...

We die as men, because we live as men! Should we walk in our "I AM" identity, we need never die! Adam was the first so-called 'human being'. When God created Adam, 'Adam' was as perfect as God. They were One! Yet he died because he walked as a 'man'. Jesus was a 'man' born of a 'woman', yet He transcended because He walked AS God! So too can you. So too can I. The only difference between a 'son/daughter of God and a son/daughter of 'man', is their state of Mind! We must die as this 'person' we believe ourselves to be. The outer 'self' must be crucified before the Eternal "I" within us can be fully resurrected. He suffered the cross, that we might see this! Creating 'man', was Gods way of creating Gods! Through 'procreation', men and women give birth to sons and daughters. 'Sons and daughters' of 'men', are actually sons and daughters of God! We can effectively function AS sons and daughters of God, once we realize that the "I Am" within us IS GOD! Every 'human' child born on Planet Earth, is God in the infant stage of development!

Man, is the only organism on the Planet ,in which and through which the Source (God), can function in the World of form AS the Source. But only when we realize that the "I" within us IS the Source!

To walk AS God, requires a much deeper commitment than it does to 'worship' God. To 'worship God, you can still be 'you'. To walk as God requires the death of the outer 'self'…the illusion! The death of the outer self can only take place when we realize the absolute nothingness of the outer self… when we realize that the John/Jane Doe we believe our self to be, is but an illusion. The "I" within us (the Father), is the real you and the real me. Each of us is the Father (the creative I AM) individualized.

The fact that Jesus' brothers did not walk AS Jesus walked, is no indication that they did not know that they too were God embodied. Jesus' Mother most certainly would have told them as well. Jesus must have told His disciples many times that He and the Father were One, and yet none of them chose to walk as He walked until after His ascension. Even then, they did not choose to die to self. Thousands have read this Christ Mind site, and yet I think I could count on one hand (with fingers left over) the number of those who have chosen to walk this walk! Even though I made a commitment to walk AS the Father, as best I knew how, in no way, do I consider myself as being in His league, and I doubt that any one ever will be… until we teach this to the little children (For of such is the Kingdom of God). Only then might someone become as 'aware' of being God as He was.

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