We are told...

We are told in Genesis chpt.11, that in the beginning the whole of humanity spoke one language. And that God confounded their language because they thought they could 'enter' the Kingdom of Heaven by erecting a tower in order to access heaven. It is not a place in the sky ~ it is a STATE OF MIND! A state of knowing that God is the "I" within us! The Entire Universe is Gods Kingdom ~ only we are oblivious of being God individualized! Instead of walking As Gods ~(AS Christ's) ~ we function as the person our parents created when they named us. But thanks to the Spiritual Rebirth ~ through FAITH in the belief that God is the "I" within us ~ we can indeed be made to realize that we are sons and daughters of God! And not simply sons and daughter of God by Faith ~ but sons and daughters of God BY BIRTH!

When God created 'Man' ~ He made 'man' (male and female) in His image and likeness! Creating the 'organisms known as 'man' ~ was Gods way of creating Gods! Through procreation ~ Adam and Eve ~ gave being to children AFTER THEIR KIND ~ to children of God! But children known as 'men' and 'women'! So children of 'men' give being to children of God in perpetuity! Making the whole of humanity ~ ONE GIGANTIC FAMILY ~ the family of God!

So if the whole of humanity were to speak One language as in the beginning ~ and if that language was the English language ~ no one could introduce themselves without first proclaiming their relationship to God as they say ~ hello ~ I am, or I am known as (followed by their name!) How could we differ from our Source ~ the Vine being the reality of the branch? (If "I" am the Vine ~ "I" must also be the branches!) But unfortunately we have not been made aware of the fact that we are the Source ~ the Vine individualized! And as a consequence ~ we think and thus create as the person our parents created when they named us! This is the state of mind in which the entire family of God functions today. Virtually everyone believes they have 'being' separate and apart from their Source ~ and thus from each other. And virtually no one is aware of being the Source ~ the Vine ~ individualized! Is it any wonder that the Father (who was known as Jesus) prayed that we might all come to realize this? 'That they all may be one ~ as thou Father art in me and I in thee ~ that they also may be one in us ~ that they may be one even as we are One'. We are indeed ALL ONE ~ and God the Father (the Vine) is that One!

Every man or woman on Earth ~ is actually the Vine (the Father) individualized! It was this that Jesus tried to get His disciples to see when He said to Phillip ~ 'he who hath seen me ~ hath seen the Father'! There is no one apart from or other than God ~ the Father. He is the "I" within each of us! And just in case you still have not grasped the significance of what I am saying ~ I will try to make it a little more understandable. It was God the Father ~ who was named Adam; Eve; Cain; Able; Enoch; Methuselah; Moses; Abraham; Sarah; Isaac; Jacob; Elijah; Isaiah; Jesus; Mary; Martha; Lazarus; John the Baptist; Matthew; Mark; Luke; John; Paul; Peter ~ as well as every other person named in every telephone book or registry on Planet Earth! He is your neighbor; your wife; your Mother; your Earthly Father; your 'son'; your daughter; your so-called 'enemy', etc., etc., etc. In other words ~ there is no one besides or other than the Father! A few of the above realized that they were God individualized and functioned in that consciousness. These were transfigured and also transcended. The others died because they functioned as 'men'. Only when we realize that God (the Father) is the "I" within us ~ can we function AS the Christ and partake of Gods Eternal Reality! For to function As the Father ~ is to function as the Christ! Until the whole World comes to realize this ~ there will be no Peace on Earth.

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