Walk as the Universal.

Before we can attain the ascension, we must first have experienced the transfiguration. And before we can experience the transfiguration, we must have a 'renewing' of our mind. We must first realize that God is the "I AM" within us. This realization is the culmination of the Spiritual Rebirth. It was this realization Jesus was referring to when He said we must be 'born again'! (" Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.")

In the book of Matthew, chapter 10, verse 20, Jesus said 'It is not ye that 'speaks' when you speak, it is the Spirit of your Father which 'speaketh' in you' (You see… the person you believe yourself to be, is but the illusion in which you walk. You are the Spirit of God embodied, and when you speak, you are the Spirit of God speaking! It would not matter what name your parents had given you…when you speak; you are the Spirit of God speaking! The 'Spirit of God' individualized, is what a 'man' is! In fact, it's ALL that a 'man' is! You must realize this!)

So…in order to experience the transformation known as the transfiguration, we must first function AS that Universal Spirit, AS the Universal I AM. We will not experience it so long as we continue to see ourselves as being a 'man' (as long as we continue to function as the person our parents created when they named us)! We must know ourselves to be that Universal Spirit…the Universal I AM, and function in that consciousness. Know yourself to be that Universal Spirit! In your meditations… meditate AS the Universal! Try to keep this in mind as you deal with other people. Realize that 'you' (and every one else) are that Universal I am. When this becomes the 'norm' for us, we will have 'become' what we were created to be!

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