Virtually every practicing Christian...

Virtually every practicing Christian on Earth, will acknowledge that Jesus and the Father were One. And at the same time, virtually ever one of these same Christians have no idea that the Father is who they are as well! The only difference, between Him who was known as Jesus and the rest of us, is that Jesus knew this and the rest of us did not! He is the "I" within us, the reality of everyone on Earth! His Mother would have told Him what manner of being He was, as He grew old enough to understand. The rest of us have been told by our parents that we were who they programmed us to believe we were. To enlighten humanity, was the reason for the coming of the Father as a child some 2000 years ago (the Child named 'Jesus'). So He grew up knowing that He and the Father (that He and God), were One and the same, and it was this He tried to get humanity to see. He tried to get humanity to see that the "I" within Him, was the "I" within everyone else. 'What you see me do, you can do also' if you will only believe. The "I" within the Vine, is the "I" within every branch! As "I" and the Father (the Source) are One", so too is everyone else! There is no one other than the Father! Can't you see it? He asked Phillip. He, who hath seen me, hath seen the Father! And it was His greatest desire that we all might realize this as well. We are all One, and that One, is God! That we might see this, was why He said we must be born again. Born into the realization that God (the Father) is the "I" within every One! This realization is the seed that sets in motion our Spiritual Rebirth! Only when we recognize and realize this to be the Truth, can we attain the Christ Mind, the consciousness in which Jesus functioned.

The divisions that exist throughout humanity Worldwide are appalling! This division exists because every John or Jane Doe on Earth thinks they have 'being' of themselves, when in fact the only 'thing' that has being is the Source! It did not give being to the person we believe ourselves to be it gives being ONLY to itself, AS every 'thing'. Our parents created this 'person' we believe ourselves to be when they named us at our birth. That we might realize our relationship to our Source, is the purpose of the Spiritual Rebirth. Only when we realize that the "I" within us is the Father, can we function AS the Father, As He who was named Jesus!

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