The tower of Babel.

I read in our daily paper this morning, that there is a man from a foreign country who thinks it is extremely important that such a country as ours, should erect a monument to celebrate our "multicultural diversity", with all languages represented including those of immigrants and 'first nations'! The idea of erecting a monument to celebrate our different languages is about as ridiculous as was the building of the tower of Babel. It was being built by the unenlightened as a means of entering the Kingdom of God. But it did not meet with Gods approval, so He confounded their language. He foiled them by confusing their languages so they could not understand each other. Before the project began, there was only One language. So now the 'enlightened' think it's a great idea to erect a monument to celebrate our diversity? If the enlightened want to do something beneficial, they should erect a monument to celebrate what we all have in common. Unknowingly…we all share a common identity. The person we believe ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which we function!

The "I" within us is who we really are, and that "I", is God…the Father… the identity in which Jesus of Nazareth functioned! So why would a so-called enlightened Nation spend a dime on promoting humanities different languages? Was it not His prayer that we might realize that we are all One? Peace on Earth will only become a reality when we realize as He did, that God, is the Father of us all, regardless of all the different customs and languages.

The Kingdom of God, is a state of Mind. We cannot 'enter' that state of Mind, by building a tower that reaches into the heavens. It is attained through realizing that God is the "I" within us! Nor can we develop a greater sense of Oneness, by erecting a memorial to celebrate our diversity, for behind all our differences, each of us is the presence of the One Father. He… is the "I" within us!

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