I put together my Christ Mind book...

I put together my Christ Mind book along with the "Further Insights" I have posted on my Yahoo site, giving me a book of some 440 pages. On the last page I mentioned the way of salvation according to the "King James version" of John 3:16, and below that, my version, as briefly as I could. (It upset my wife terribly). She felt that I was trivializing the sacrifice that "Jesus" made. I told her that it was not 'Jesus' that they crucified. They actually crucified the Father! It was just thatů He (the Father), was known to them AS being 'Jesus' the man. All that they could see was the 'man' they knew as being 'Jesus of Nazareth'! They failed to realize that God is the reality of all of 'humankind'!

Just this morning I re read the book of Colossians and I do believe, that Paul realized that man was very much like God, only he still believed that He (Paul) had 'being' of himself. This is why he failed to discover the way whereby Jesus attained the transfiguration. "I would that I should know Him and the power of His resurrection', He said in Philippians. Jesus attained the resurrection through unwavering faith in the belief that the "I" within Him was God, the Father.

I also stated to a friend of mine this morning that the way of salvation is really very simple. It is simply a way of Life, brought about through faith in the realization that God (the Father) is the "I" within each of us.

Through realizing that the organisms known AS 'man', are in fact, nothing less than God embodied. God individualized! And should we choose to function in that consciousness, we need never die! This was the simple message that Jesus failed to get His disciples to see when He said to Phillip 'He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father'! No matter what 'human being' we are looking at, male or female, we are actually looking at the Father! But virtually everyone on Earth is oblivious of this amazing Truth! (Whatsoever ye do unto the least of these, ye do it unto me!) When this is seen through out the World, it will revolutionize religious thought through out the World! We are indeed ALL ONE, and God (the Father), is that One

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