To many, the Virgin birth...

To many, the Virgin birth of the Christ is a mystery. There would be no mystery, if humanity realized that no John or Jane Doe on Earth has any 'being'…any reality! The person you believe yourself to be, is not who you really are, its only who you 'think; you are. The real you, is the "I" within you, and that "I", is God…the Father! Every so-called 'human being' on Earth is but the Spirit of God manifesting AS a 'man'. God made each of us in His image and likeness, by 'becoming us…by 'being' us, to the same extent that the Vine is the reality of the branches! The ONLY thing that has being is God (or in other words the Vine!) So long as 'men' function as the John Doe they believe themselves to be, they are functioning in an illusion! There is ONLY God!

The mystery is solved, once we realize that God is the "I am" within us. As we realize this, through faith in this realization, we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of God (the Father). That likeness, is the Christ! As we continue to function AS the Father, the Christ begins to 'take form' in us, Then we begin to realize that we are already in the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of God, is not simply a 'place'… it is a state of mind! A state of KNOWING that the "I" within us, is God…the Father! Then we can say as Jesus said… "I and my Father, are One". It was this that the Father tried to get us to see some 2000 years ago, but no one got the message. All they could see was "Jesus" the son of Joseph and Mary. They did not realize that every 'human child' that has ever been born on Planet Earth, was (and still is) God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! The womb in which this 'birth' takes place, is our 'consciousness'. And… it is ALWAYS a Virgin birth! It is the realization that the "I" within us is the Father, that sets in motion the 'conception' of the Christ in us! This 'conception' is in fact the 'immaculate' conception…set in motion by the Truth…the Holy Spirit (the Whole "I" Spirit!)

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