To Him that overcometh

I believe that if we knew beyond all doubt that we were God embodied, as Jesus knew, we would experience that physical transformation known as the transfiguration. Apparently different degrees of awareness is necessary to effect a healing in certain cases. The disciples could not effect a healing on the boy whose father saw him as a lunatic. But Jesus rebuked the evil Spirit, and he was healed The disciples apparently lacked the faith to remove evil spirits. But "such as these could not be healed without much prayer and fasting" Jesus said. Nor does it appear as though a great deal of faith is required. Apparently mountains can be removed with very little faith…"faith as a grain of mustard seed" He said. But the only way for us to strengthen our faith, is to exercise our faith. Try me …He said!

When I first began to experiment with 'healing', I was more surprised than those who were 'healed'. I have often thought about this. It seems to me as though I was more effective then than I am now. Now that I think I understand the principles of healing better than I did then. It makes me wonder if there may be Spiritual helpers on the 'other side' assisting beginners. Encouraging us as it were, to carry on with the practice. Then as our faith grows, so does our confidence. But until we attain the confidence required to heal any condition, feed the multitudes or remove evil spirits, it isn't likely that our faith is sufficient to cause us to 'shine as the noon day sun'. But all I can see is for us to 'keep on keeping on'. " He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved". It's the only way we can grow! In time, with sufficient activity, we will see results. In the book of Revelations, He tells us this… "To him that over cometh, will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God."

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