Those who refuse...

Those who refuse to accept and acknowledge God (the Father), as their reality, have no hope whatsoever of attaining the transfiguration or the ascension! Such are as guilty of crucifying the 'Father', as were they who called for His crucifixion some 2000 years ago! They will die as men as surely as the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening! Without the Spiritual Rebirth, (without the realization that God is the "I" within us) there is no hope of experiencing that greatest of all transformations. None!

Nor can I say for a certainty that I will experience it! But, I can have hope! I do not know to what extent we must become aware of being God individualized, before I or anyone else can attain the transfiguration, but I do know that this realization is a prerequisite of ones transfiguration! John11: 26 is the word of God, and I do believe the word of God to be infallible! I know that particular scripture does not say " He who liveth and believeth AS me shall never die", but I do believe that that is what He meant! I also believe that that was what He said, but how could the disciples have understood Him, when they couldn't grasp the fact that a 'man', is but the 'Father' (the Divine Mind) embodied, or that a 'man' and the 'Father' are One? If He had said 'AS me', would they not have thought they 'heard Him wrong'? Surely He must have meant 'those who believe in me, not as me'. To walk 'with' God, is to walk AS God! It was this insight that opened up my understanding to write The Christ Mind. What a difference it would have made to Christianity had that verse read AS me instead of 'in' me!

It was in this understanding that Enoch walked and in which Jesus walked. Both attained the transfiguration and the ascension. In the Book of Jasher we read where God called Enoch to Heaven that He might teach the sons of God in Heaven as He had taught the sons of men on Earth. And we all know that Jesus walked AS the Father. And this was what He tried to get His disciples to see, but they were unable to grasp it. 'He who has seen me, has seen the Father', He told Phillip. But they thought He was referring to Himself. He functioned AS the Father, (as any one can who comes to realize that God is the "I" within us). But they saw Him as being a 'man' they knew as 'Jesus'! It never dawned on them that "man and God" were synonymous. Nor has humanity in general realized this! God said. 'Let us make man in our image and likeness'. How could we have ever missed seeing that 'man and God' are One and the same? That we might see this, was why He suffered the agony of the cross! That we might see this was why He said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot 'enter' the Kingdom of God" (he cannot attain God consciousness!) Not only are the words 'man' and 'God' synonymous, so too is the Kingdom of God synonymous with God consciousness! To function in God consciousness (in the consciousness that God is all and in all) is to function in the 'Kingdom of God'! (Every 'living' thing you see is God manifesting AS that 'thing'!)

Man is a creative being, because man and God are ONE. One and the same! It is impossible for man to attain Eternal Life, when he thinks he's nothing more than a mere man! AS a 'man' thinketh, so is he, is a Law! Eternal Life is only attainable to those who realize and acknowledge that the 'Eternal Immortal I AM, is their reality! Only as we function AS the Father (as the "I AM" within us), can we experience His Eternal reality! This was why He said to Martha. "I" am the resurrection and the Life. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me ('AS' me), shall never die"! God, the Eternal I am, is the I am that I am! For those of us who believe this, there is hope of experiencing the transfiguration and the ascension! And those who do not believe this shall die as men!

MAN will not change, until we realize that we embody the means of our own 'immortality', until we realize that 'WE' are in fact, the Eternal "I AM" individualized! Then will we be forced to choose between Earthly riches and Eternal Life, for then we will 'see' that there is indeed an alternative to physical death. Then will we know why Jesus said 'What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole World and lose his own soul'? What amount of wealth, power and prestige can equal Eternal Life?

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