There is only God...

There is only God, the "I" within us

When I first discovered that man was God embodied, I began to search for something written on this subject. I realized that this was the truth, but I searched for more understanding. One of the first people I was led to was Joel Goldsmith and his book 'The infinite way' I read all his books, and still have all his books, and have recommended others to read them as well. But in reading his books, I never found where he said that none of us has any 'being' of ourselves. He most certainly spoke of the "I" within us as being God. But I do not recall reading in his books that 'we' in our John or Jane Doe identities, had, in reality, no 'being', but were actually illusions. I realized that the 'person' our parents created when they named us, is not WHO we are, but only whom we are known as! It was this discovery that started me writing. Basically the whole of Christianity talks about having 'Jesus in our hearts'. (Christ in us, etc.) That is all very well, but there is still "the person we believe ourselves to be to contend with". It is not possible to function in the Christ Mind, in a consciousness of ONENESS, so long as we believe 'we' have 'being' as the person our parents created when they named us! And we can only 'die to self', when we realize that our names do not constitute a state of 'being'. A 'tree' does not have any 'being'. The only thing that has 'being', is the Source! The Source (God) did not give 'being' to the 'tree'. It gave being to 'itself' AS the tree. So is it with every other organism on Earth. Nothing played any role in its coming into being. Every living thing we are looking at is the Source (God) manifesting AS THAT THING! This goes for every living organism on Earth, including the organisms known as 'man'. There is not God AND 'man'; there is ONLY God!

He doesn't just 'live in us', HE IS US!

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