There is only the Source.

The greatest problem in all of this is the belief that we of ourselves have being! Humanity is oblivious of what manner of beings we so called 'human beings' are! No John or Jane Doe has any being. The only One who has being, is our Source (the Spirit of God). The Spirit of God does not give 'being' to any 'thing' it gives being to every 'thing', by becoming every 'thing'! There is nothing besides 'IT', or other than 'IT'. It is the "I" that I am and the "I am" within every other 'man/woman' or thing in the Universe! Man is God embodied! But we are not aware of this.

But because of what manner of 'beings' we are we think and create AS we perceive ourselves to be, and thus do we create the beliefs that divide us. We are all One, and that One, is the Source. Call it God,…the Spirit of God… the Creator…the Universal I am…Allah …take your pick. Whatever "IT" is… 'Man' is! Whatever "IT" is…I am. So… let each of us function As "It". How can we say we Love God, and hate our neighbor? How can we say we Love God and cheat, or lie? Did He not make our relationship to God and to each other clear enough in Matthew 25: 34-45, when He said "in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me"?

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