The key to re-enter...

Because Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they 'fell'. So, lest they should live forever in sin, the Lord (the law) 'drove them from the garden' (in essence, they were the ones who drove themselves from the garden) (they lost their awareness of being creative beings.) But because of His love of humanity, He did indeed provide us with the means of re entering the 'garden', should we so choose. And the key to re-enter lies in John 3: 16

For God so loved the World (Humanity), that He sent His only begotten son into the World that whosoever believeth "in" Him, should not perish, but have EVERLASTING life! But the key lies in the realization that God is the "I" within us! To say that 'whosoever believeth "in" Him, is the work of Satan (the self)! Jesus must have said "AS ", not 'in'! For to say 'in', infers that 'we' (the person our parents created when they named us) have 'being'! For no John or Jane Doe on Planet Earth has 'being'! (No 'branch' has any being of itself! ONLY the VINE has being!) God did indeed make us in His image and likeness, but He did not create the person we believe ourselves to be! Our parents did that when they named us at our birth! So to function AS the person our parents created, is to function in an illusion! To function AS THE VINE, (As the Father) is to function as we were meant to function! Why would Jesus have inferred that we of ourselves had being when it was His most ardent desire that we should ALL come to realize that WE WERE ALL ONE? He would not have said that! That is the work of Satan... of the 'self'! None of His disciples realized that God was the "I" within them... including John! None of them had been 'born again', so how could John have written "As' Him? Because they didn't realize that they too were God embodied, they would have thought that He must have meant " in" instead of "AS"! They probably thought they had misunderstood what He had said! (For 'I know that I am not God', would have been their thinking!)

So this little devious misinterpretation (in my opinion) has led humanity to believe that we of ourselves have 'being' of ourselves, when in fact no 'man ' on Earth has being! Only God has being! Only God is! He did not give being to ‘us’; He gave being only to Himself AS US! He is the "I" within us! (Our parents gave being to "us", (the person we believe ourselves to be) when they named us!) It was for this reason that He said "I and my Father are One" And we can say it also once we see that God is the "I" within us! Then we too, through faith in this realization, can once again function AS our heavenly Father intended! Then we will realize that in truth, we have never been in any place other than in the ‘garden’! For did He not say that the Kingdom of God was within us? And the Kingdom of God is not just 'Planet Earth', but is also a state of mind. A state of KNOWING that God is the "I" within us! A state of KNOWING that "I" and the Father are One!

We are indeed ALL One, and that ONE, is God... our heavenly Father! He made us in His image and likeness, by 'becoming' us... by 'being' us! (How else could he have made us in His image and likeness?)

This was what Jesus knew when He said 'what you do unto the least of these, you do it unto me'! To believe that God lives 'in' us, denotes duality! So how can we hope to attain a consciousness of oneness, if we should function in a consciousness of duality? There is ONLY the Father. This is what He knew when He told Phillip 'He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father'! Every single one of us is the Father individualized, only we function as the person our parents created when they named us!

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