The blind leading the blind.

The best illustration I know of, in expressing man's relationship to God is stressing the relationship of a branch to the Vine, or a wave to the Ocean. The whole of Humanity is locked into seeing the world through their eyes… as 'men'. It takes quite some time for them to see the world as God sees it. For those who have never heard or thought like this, all we can do is 'sow seeds', and the simpler we keep it the better. (Except ye become as little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.) Those who follow the Bible, all say they believe that God made man in His image and likeness, yet they cannot believe that that includes them. It is all so simple, but still they find it hard to comprehend. Why then do they go to church? Because we inherently believe in a higher power and attend Church in the hope of connecting with our Source. But what have we got… the blind leading the blind.

The main idea we must get across, is the idea that we are much more than this 'person' we believe ourselves to be. We read that, in the beginning, there was only the 'Spirit' of God. There is still nothing other than the 'Spirit of God'. Every 'thing' we see, is the Spirit of God manifesting AS THAT THING. It is usually referred to as being 'male', but it is neither male nor female. It is just 'Creative Spirit' (creative consciousness), which functions according to an absolute Father/Mother creative principle, with the 'consciousness', being the Father aspect, and the 'intelligence', being the Mother aspect. It is the sole purpose of the Intelligence, to give 'being' to whatever the Consciousness decrees as being, or sees itself as being, and the only requisite is to know this. By the same creative principle, does 'man' create. (Ye shall decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you Job. 22:28)

God made you (and every other man/woman) in His image and likeness, but He did not create the 'person' you believe yourself to be. Your parents did that, when they named you at your birth. This 'person' you believe yourself to be, was not 'born'! Every so-called 'human' child, that has ever been born, is God (the Spirit of God), in the infant stage of development. You… were created AFTER your birth. You are much more than the 'person' you believe yourself to be. You are the Spirit of God embodied… the I AM embodied; only you have been programmed to believe you are the 'person' your parents created when they named you. Children of 'men,' are actually children of God, only no one is aware of this stupendous truth! That Humanity might know this, was the reason 'Jesus' suffered the agony of the cross! It was His prayer that "we all might be One, as He and His Father were One." So, in ignorance of our relationship to our Source, and thus to each other, we function as 'men', as the John/Jane Doe we were named! The blind leading the blind!

Thus, a 'Spiritual Rebirth', is required before we can function as Jesus functioned. Except a man be born again, He said, he cannot 'enter' this 'kingdom'… this 'state of mind' (He cannot attain God consciousness)! Jesus functioned in God consciousness… in the 'Kingdom' of God. The Kingdom of God, is synonymous with God consciousness. It is a state of Mind… a state of KNOWING that we are 'children of God'… sons/daughters of God! Before we can effectively function in that 'state of mind', we must realize that the "I" within us, is our True identity, and that that "I", IS GOD! The 'person' that men and women throughout the World believe themselves to be, is but the illusion in which they function. Is it any wonder we are a World divided? The Vine, is the reality of the branch… the Ocean, is the reality of the wave. One is the Source, and the other, is the Source manifesting! We are all One.

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