The way of salvation.

There will be no peace on Earth until humanity realizes that we are all One, regardless of our color, religion, language, culture or perceived nationality, and that 'One', is God…the Source…the Father!

It was this One, who was born of Mary in that manger in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago. And they named Him Jesus! But He grew up knowing who and what He was because His earthly Mother had been told prior to His birth that she would give birth to the savior of humanity. During His ministry He likened Himself (the Father) to a Vine and 'humanity' to branches. " I am the Vine, and ye are the branches". I like the analogy of 'I am the Ocean and ye are the waves'. To me this makes our relationship to our Source more understandable. Each of us is but a wave in the Ocean of Life! Each of us is the Ocean individualized…the Father individualized! This 'Ocean'… is the Universal I AM, and each of us, is this Universal I am individualized. It is for this reason, that if the whole world were to speak the English language, every one on Earth would proclaim their relationship to the Father every time they introduced themselves…every time they said Hello…I am, or I am known as (followed by their name)

Using the analogy of the Ocean and the waves makes it easier for us to see that apart from the Ocean (apart from God) we have no being! Each of us is God embodied (the Ocean individualized) For this reason, the 'wave' known as 'Jesus', said, 'Of myself I can do nothing. It is the Father within me who is the doer'! 'Jesus' functioned AS the Father. The rest of us were not made aware of our relationship to God when we were children, and so we function as the 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth! Can you now understand why I say that 'none of us who function in our John Doe identity ' have any being? Only the Ocean has being…only the Father has being!

This brings us to the reason there is so much trouble among the peoples of the Earth. EVERY ONE THINKS THEY HAVE BEING OF THEMSELVES! There is no presence other than the presence of God…(other than the Ocean!) Each of us is the Ocean (Universal Life) manifesting AS A MAN! Man and God are synonymous! Every 'man' (or woman), is God manifesting as 'man'…as a 'human being! Every 'wave', is the Ocean manifesting…God manifesting, only we 'think' we have 'being' of ourselves! God is ONE, so it is the nature of God to be number One! As we are God individualized, His nature, is our nature. It is for this reason that all ambitious 'men' strive to be number one! Only they think it is 'they' who are number one. They fail to realize that it is the Father within them who is number one, whereas the person they believe themselves to be, is but the illusion in which they function! Every so-called 'human being' (every John or Jane Doe on Planet Earth), is but an illusion! God (the Ocean) is their reality The "I" within each of us is God… the Father! It was in this consciousness that Jesus functioned, and in which every 'wave' in this Ocean of Life can function, once we realize and acknowledge God as our reality…as the "I" am within us! A 'man' (God) functioning AS a 'man' (as the person his/her parents created when they named them) will surly die! But…should we function AS the Father, (as the Universal I am) we need never die!

This we have never been made aware of! We have been taught that all men must die. And that is true…we must die as the person we believe ourselves to be, but…we need not die physically! This was what Calvary was all about! The self must be crucified before the "I"(the Father) within us can be resurrected! Before we can partake of His Eternal reality, we must die to self! We must walk AS the Father before we can partake of His reality! We can only attain God consciousness, as we acknowledge Him as the "I" within us and function by faith in that consciousness. By no other means can we 'enter' His Kingdom. By no other means can we attain God consciousness. This is the prerequisite to attaining the transfiguration and the ascension! It is the way of mans' salvation! It lies in realizing that the I within us, is the Father! "I" am the resurrection and the Life…he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live, and whosoever liveth and believeth AS me, shall never die!

Look at the destruction humanity has wreaked upon this planet since the sons of God chose to live as men. Imagine what it might be like had these sons of God been allowed to live forever? Yet God in His infinite mercy has provided us with the means of returning to His Kingdom. We have but to recognize and acknowledge Him as our reality, and choose to walk AS Him, and die to self, for what does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and die?

John the Baptist, speaking as one crying in the wilderness, spoke of the coming of the Father. It was the Father who was born in Bethlehem…not 'Jesus'! It's just that He was named 'Jesus'! But no one got the message! His message being, that man and God are One… 'I' and the Father are One!

God is the I AM within us…LET US REALIZE IT!

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