The difference between...

A lady asked me if I could explain the difference between us and the Christ. This is the first time I presented it in this manner. Thought it might just help others see how important and significant the Spiritual Rebirth is. (In my opinion)

The difference between a 'son' of God or a 'daughter' of God and the Christ is this. We are ALL potentially the Christ in the making! (Gods in the making) Its what we were created to be. But it's like this. Prior to the Spiritual Rebirth (the realization that God is our reality), we are in 'kindergarten' (Where virtually the whole World is. (Including all the Religious leaders in the World!) And we cannot get into grade One, until we have been 'born again' (After the S.R.) Then we have to start all over from scratch! Except we become as a little child, we cannot 'enter' the Kingdom of God (we cannot function as God; we cannot function in the Christ Mind!) Now we have entered grade school!

When we are able to heal the sick, feed the multitudes, or turn water into wine, or until we have experienced the 'transfiguration', we are still learning. (we are still in school) When we begin to function as Jesus did, we are then the CHRIST! We will have graduated! Then we shall transcend into the heavens as a LIVING Spiritual being. (As did Enoch and Elijah and Jesus!) That's about it in a nutshell!

But those who choose to deny God as their reality (for whatever reason) shall die as men! (Because they lived as men!) So now it should be quite obvious how important and significant the Spiritual Rebirth is! We are the only organisms on the Planet that embody the capacity to function AS the Christ. Thereby enabling us to partake in Gods Eternal reality! That is about as clear as I can explain it.

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