teaching our children

Yesterday I listened to an Evangelical Minister who speaks to a huge World audience. His message pertained to the importance of teaching our children about Godly principles and ethics. Instructions that no one would disagree with. However, it gave me an opening to tell him (in my opinion) how Jesus came to be known as the greatest Spiritual teacher and healer the World has ever known. Here is a copy of what I sent him.


You spoke yesterday about teaching our children that they will become what we teach them (The child is the Father of the 'man' he will become, you quoted) and you are so right!

But no where in my Bible do I read where Jesus said He was different from the rest of us! Did He not say (or at least infer) that what He did, we could do also? So how then did He know that He was God embodied? He knew that He and God were One, because His Mother taught Him that! This is what Mary was made to see when the Holy Spirit 'came upon' her! (When the Truth 'dawned' upon her.) (The Virgin Birth!) She saw that the child she would give birth to, was God (the Father), in the infant stage of development! It was this that she taught Him from His birth! (Even from the moment of conception!) Through His "faith" in being what His Mother taught Him, he became the greatest Spiritual healer and teacher the World has ever known! And let us not think that she was not aware of 'who' and 'what' her child was. Did she not tell those who were serving when He turned the water into wine "whatever He asks you to do, DO IT"? Mary's son became the Christ, because of what His Mother taught Him from His birth. She convinced Him that He was a 'son' of God by birth! He too walked by faith! Otherwise He would not have said to His disciples 'Oh ye of little faith' when they feared they would drown. (Matthew 8-26)

Mary did not give 'birth' to 'Jesus'! She gave birth to the 'Father' in the infant stage of development! Every so-called 'human' child that has ever been born, is (and always will be) God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! It was just that she was told by an Angel of God to 'name' Him 'Jesus'! A name that is synonymous with ever child that has ever been born on Planet Earth! (As the name (the word)'Adam' is synonymous with the word 'mankind'!) 'Jesus', is a name that aptly describes every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, male or female, as being God! It is a name that means 'God with us' (or God is us!) That we all might realize this, is the purpose for the Spiritual Rebirth! Which can only be set in motion through the realization and the acknowledgement that God is the "I" within us!

The realization that man and God are ONE, can not take place through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth that has been, (and is still being), promoted by the Evangelical religions of the World! Their concept does nothing more than bring about one's conversion to Christianity! IT DOES NOT BRING ABOUT ONE'S SPIRITUAL REBIRTH! Only through the realization that God (the Father) is the "I" within us, can we KNOW we have been 'born again'! Only then (through faith in that belief) can we walk As the Father, (as 'Jesus' did)! For EXCEPT we be 'born again', we cannot function 'AS the Father'... as 'Jesus' did! For the 'Kingdom' of God is a state of Mind. A state of KNOWING that God is the "I" within us! (Only when we realize that God is the "I" within us, can we 'enter' His 'Kingdom')

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