There is nothing apart...

There is nothing apart from the Source ~ or other than the Source!

If every 'man/woman' on Earth was aware of the fact that God is the "I" within them ~ that God was their reality (that they were creative beings). And if everyone functioned As God ~ the Father. Every One would sooner or later attain the Christ Mind ~ providing they chose to walk in their true identity! Why do we have Churches? Is it not so our Ministers and Sunday school teachers can teach us how to walk as Children of God? But the best we can do is 'do 'our' best to walk as Jesus walked' We cannot walk AS God ~ because we think we have being as the person our parents created when they named us at our birth! It is this 'person' that we believe ourselves to be that must be crucified! Before we can walk As God ~ we have to realize that He (God) is the "I" within us. We have to realize that 'man' and God ~ are synonymous! One is the Universal I am and the other is the Universal I am individualized!

This is the purpose of the Spiritual Rebirth! This was why He said 'Ye must be born again' ~ born into the realization that God is the real you and the real me! Born into the realization that the "I" within us, is God ~ the Father! This is why Jesus kept telling them that He and the Father were One ~ ("I and my Father are One'!) But no one got the message! This was why He said 'Except a man be born again ~ he can not enter the Kingdom of God! Except we be 'born again ~ we cannot function AS GOD ~ we can not attain the Christ Mind. The Kingdom of God ~ is synonymous with God consciousness! It is not a specific place ~ it is a STATE OF MIND! ~ A state of KNOWING that God is the "I" within us! To walk As the Father ~ is to walk As the Christ! To walk AS the Father ~ is the only way that Christ's come into being! It is what 'children of God' were meant to be ~ and virtually every 'Christian' will tell you that children of men are actually 'children of God' ~ whether or not they have been 'born again'!

Before we can walk AS God ~ we must first choose to die to self ~ to the belief that we have any 'being' apart from God! Nothing has any being apart from God ~ or OTHER THAN GOD! The Source ~ does not give being to anything other than itself. IT ~ is the reality of all its creations. There is nothing apart from it ~ or other than it. He ~ the Source (God) is the "I" within us!

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