So Its God that's thinking...

"So Its God that's thinking not me? So that means everything is perfect then, doesn't it? I agree with everything you wrote and came to realize that Life is just playing a game with itself that it is just one big illusion or dream."

The following is my reply. (I thought it might be interesting for all to read)

Not so! Life is not just a big game we are playing .As I have said previously, being individual manifestations of the Universal Mind, (the Divine Mind) and not knowing this, is like playing with fire. There are now some six or seven billion individuals walking the Earth whom are totally unaware of the creative power of their thoughts. Is it any wonder the World is in such turmoil? We come into this World of form as children of God, only virtually no one has been made aware of this. We are actually God's by birth! Only no one ever realized this! We are creative beings because we are individualized manifestations of God! Believe it or not!

So be very careful how you think or what you think, because 'your' thoughts are creative. If you had been told at your birth that you were God embodied, you may have chosen to function AS a 'child' of God from your youth, (as 'Jesus' did) instead of functioning as 'Michelle'. But you were made to believe that you were Michelle. The "I" within you is the REAL you, and 'Michelle' is but the illusion in which you have been functioning. If you should choose to go on functioning as Michelle, you may do so, but you will eventually die. (And most certainly you will suffer all the self-created afflictions of functioning AS a 'man', as a 'human being') Should you choose instead to function AS God (as Jesus did), then will things be perfect... then you need never did! That is known as dying to self, the illusion. As it is now, you think and create As 'Michelle'... as you perceive yourself to be!

Just imagine yourself as being connected to the Universal Mind. YOU (as Michelle) have NO BEING. There is ONLY the Universal Mind (the Father). That is who and what you really are! (Your parents created Michelle, when they named you at your birth) God (the Universal Mind) did not give being to Michelle! He gives being only to himself! But He cannot get access to His temple (your body), because you think you are Michelle! So the Universal Mind is made to create as IT perceives Itself to be (AS you perceive yourself to be). (For you and the Universal Mind, are one and the same.) Jesus functioned AS the Father (As the Universal Mind). It was in that consciousness that He performed all the so-called miracles we read about. Can you see it a little clearer now? Each of us is but a wave in the Ocean of Life. There is not US AND the Ocean, there is ONLY THE OCEAN! (There is only God) So be careful what you think. For not only can you 'work out' your own salvation, you can also 'engineer' your own demise.

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