Every religion on Earth...

Every religion on Earth is, to some extent, responsible for the division that exists among the peoples of the Earth! Every religion believes they and they alone know the solutions to the problems, yet the problems are becoming more intense and more abundant! I do not profess to know the in depth thinking of the various religions, but when one understands the significance of the Christ Mind, it becomes obvious what the problems are and why they exist. The Apostle Paul knew what the solution was, but even he failed to realize the significance of some of the things he said. He instructed the Philippians on how they were to think, yet he failed to discover the 'Christ Mind'! He functioned in a consciousness of duality. He thought the man 'Jesus', was the Christ. He was completely oblivious of the fact that this 'man' he knew as 'Jesus', functioned AS God. (AS the Father), only because He KNEW that God was the reality of every man/woman on Planet Earth! He knew that every 'human' child ever born on Earth, was God in the infant stage of development. He knew that there was no one other than God, or besides God! It was this He (Jesus) knew when He prayed, 'that they all may be one, as He and God (the Father) were One! It was this Paul failed to see when he instructed the Philippians to 'Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus! In the book of Acts, he told those who wanted to know what they must do in order to be saved, to simply "Believe 'in' the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved". (He saw the 'Christ' as being ONE individual, rather than an individualized embodiment of the Divine Mind!) He failed to realize that the Christ Mind is simply the Divine Mind individualized! Consequently, Christians have basically become 'followers' of Christ. We were not meant to simply follow and 'worship' the Christ; we were meant to 'walk' As Christ's!

The 'Christ', is not simply ONE individual (and yet God is ONE) The Christ Mind, is the Divine Mind (or in other words, the Universal mind) individualized! Whoever should come to realize that the "I" within them, IS GOD (THE FATHER) can, (through faith in that belief) function AS the Father (As did He who was known As 'Jesus') The Christ Mind, is simply the Divine Mind personified! Any one can, through faith in this truth, function as the Christ, for the Christ and the Father, are ONE! We are all One, if we only realized this, and God (the Father) IS THAT ONE!

Humanity, is nothing less than God individualized! Each of us is nothing less than the Divine Mind individualized! Its what makes us creative beings! Only we think 'we' have being, when in fact there is ONLY the Divine Mind (the Father)! Our parents name us at our birth, completely oblivious as to what manner of beings we are. So we grow up believing we are this ''person'' our parents created when they named us. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth, which can only be set in motion through faith in the realization that God is the "I" within us! Only then can we function as true sons and daughters of God!

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