The reason for all that is wrong with humanity.

At the risk of being branded a heretic ~ allow me to explain the reason why the World is in such a state. There is not a 'person' ~ (a John or Jane Doe) on Planet earth ~ that has any 'being'! Believe it or not! We are told in the Bible, that God made man in His image and likeness ~ yet virtually no one functions AS God! All of humankind functions as the 'person' their parents created when they named them at their birth ~ totally unaware of the fact that God is the "I" within them ~ (within every 'one'!) We have all been taught that the 'Kingdom of God' ~ is within us ~ but we have never been told that it is not a 'place' ~ IT IS A STATE OF MIND! A state of KNOWING that God is the "I" within us! Every 'man or woman' on Planet Earth, is God individualized ~ God embodied! God is the Vine ~ 'humanity', is the 'branches'! And NO 'branch' has any being apart from the Vine! What the Vine is ~ is what every 'branch' is! God made us in His image and likeness by 'becoming' us ~ by 'being' us! What God is ~ is what a 'man' is (be we male or female!) And yet this is not realized throughout the World!

God did indeed 'make us' (each of us) in His image and likeness ~ but He did not create the 'person' we believe ourselves to be! Our parents (in ignorance of what manner of beings we are) did that when they named us at our birth! (As I have stated so often ~ every human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth ~ has been God (the Father) in the infant stage of development!) So we grow to maturity ~ grow old and die ~ never ever realizing that we are (were) Gods by birth! Never ever realizing that God was (is) the "I" within us! So there is now some six or seven billion 'people' on Planet Earth functioning in an illusion ~ functioning as the 'person' their parents created when they named them ~ totally oblivious as to what manner of beings they are ~ totally oblivious of being sons and daughters of God! Totally oblivious of being the presence of God! Totally oblivious of the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE ~ with God (the Father) being that One! This was the reason that Jesus prayed (St. John 17-21-22) that we might all come to realize that we were all One ~ even as He and the Father were One! Yet even the religious elite of the World have missed seeing this!

When we come to realize that God is the "I" within us. We begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of God. That 'likeness', is the Christ ~ the person of God personified! Its what we were created to be! Creating the organisms known as 'man', was Gods way of creating Gods ~ but few have ever realized this. So we die as men, because we live as men. Never realizing that we are the Eternal "I AM" individualized. It was the only difference between Him who was known as Jesus ~ and the rest of humanity! He functioned AS the Father, (As the Eternal I am) whereas the rest of humanity have functioned as the person their parents created when they named them. Thus the necessity for the Spiritual Rebirth ~ which can only be set in motion when we realize, acknowledge, and accept the fact, that God is the "I" (or the 'I am') within us!

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