Rather than further the Kingdom of God...

Rather than further the Kingdom of God, organized religions have actually become a negative influence upon the Earth. The greatest man to have walked the Earth during the past 22 hundred years, was known to the World as Jesus of Nazareth. He walked and functioned AS the Source, As God! This 'child' grew up to realize that he was much more than just a mere 'man'. His Mother had received a revelation that the child that she was to give birth to, was God (the Father), in the infant stage of development. A 'child' that she was to name 'Jesus', a name (a word) that meant 'God with us'! Consequently, He grew up knowing that He and God were One, that 'man' and God, are One and the same! (Thanks to what Mary taught Him!) This, was why it was so important for Him to get humanity to see this! This was why He suffered the agony of the cross to physically demonstrate that the 'self' must be crucified BEFORE the Father, the "I" within us could be resurrected! But humanity did not come to realize this! No one got this message! Men continued to function AS 'men'! Not even His disciples saw this! Nor did the Apostle Paul! Yet it was basically upon Paul's teachings that the religion known as 'Christianity' was founded! And had Jesus' disciple Peter realized the significance of Jesus' question "And whom do 'ye' say that I the son of man am", Christianity would have been founded on 'this' understanding. We would have been taught from the cradle that we were 'children' of God", and not just children of mere 'men'! But Peter did not realize that Jesus was referring to every 'man/woman' on Earth. He thought Jesus was referring to himself only! So the Christian Churches of the World teach that 'Jesus' is the One and only Christ... Gods ONLY begotten son! When in fact, every 'human child' that has ever been born on Planet Earth, embodies the capacity to become the Christ! God made each of us in His image and likeness, not just Him who was known as Jesus! Man and God are synonymous! Every 'man' on Earth, male or female, is God (the Father) embodied! He is the "I" within us! It is the 'Father' (the "I" within us) that is God's 'only begotten' son!

Unfortunately, humanity has never been made aware of this stupendous Truth! Every 'man' on Earth, is God embodied, the Divine Mind embodied! (This is why we are creative beings!) But, God did not create this 'person' we were made to believe ourselves to be! In ignorance of what manner of beings we so called 'human beings' actually are, our parents created the 'person' we believe ourselves to be when they named us at our birth, totally oblivious of the fact that 'man' and God are One, one and the same! That humanity might come to realize this, was the reason for the coming of the 'savior' (via the birth' of the 'Father' in that manger in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago!) As our names have hidden our true identity, so did the name 'Jesus' hide Gods true identity some 2000 years ago! (God and the Father. are one and the same also) Every human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been (and always will be) the 'Father' in the infant stage of development! HE is the "I" within us, within each of us! There actually is no one else! WE ARE ALL ONE, and that ONE, is the Father! This was why 'Jesus' said, "I and my Father are One", and " He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father". Each of us can say the same thing, once we come to realize that God is also our reality. (When we come to realize that the "I" within each of us, is the Father.) No matter who you are looking at, you are actually looking at the Father! This was why He told 'Moses' 'I am that I am". This is what the Worlds Religions have failed to see. This is why there is so much division, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, greed, etc on Earth today. Every one thinks 'they' have 'being' of themselves, when in fact no John or Jane Doe on the Planet has any 'being' whatsoever! There is only the Source; there is only God, THE FATHER!

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