Question from a _Christ Mind_ reader:

Question from a _Christ Mind_ reader:
How do you maintain this AWARENESS, KNOWINGNESS of the 'I" GOD WITHIN?

It depends for the most part on One's desire to attain this State of Mind. To walk in this consciousness, is to walk in the "Kingdom of God", for the Kingdom of God is a state of KNOWING that the "I" within us is the Father. Are we not told to seek this above all other things?

When I first saw that man and God were one and the same (that God was the Universal and man was the Universal individualized) I saw what the whole world had failed to realize. I saw as it were through a 'glass darkly' what a difference this knowledge would have made to the World. And how could I not do everything I possibly could to get this realization into the Universal consciousness, How could I just keep it to myself? If God Himself was so moved to get this message to the World, that He allowed Himself to suffer death on the cross, for the good of humanity, could "I" not at least 'try' to get this message out? At this time (back in the early 60's) I was a Sunday school teacher. I was told by the Church to keep such thoughts to myself or get out. So I got out! The more I was renounced for what I believed, the more determined I was to prove it. It was then that I discovered Goldsmith, Troward, Bailes, Spalding, MacDonald Bayne, Holmes and many others as well. But most of all, I found that the best book of references was the K.J version of the Bible!

But thoughts are like seeds. Seeds take time to germinate and grow. So too is this true of thoughts. When I look back over some of the things these authors wrote, I certainly see more than I did when I first read their works. But little by little my understanding grew and I became more convinced than ever that man was God embodied. These thoughts became a part of my thinking. And of course I spent much time reading others works and meditating. Meditating for the most part on the relationship of man to God based on Jesus statement 'I am the Vine, and ye are the branches'. This of course was not 'Jesus' speaking, but the Spirit of God speaking (the Father speaking). He functioned AS THE FATHER! I also read, what wasn't written! Man does not change. I spent 30 years in the car business. I dealt with every type of person there is. I learned to know people! I learned to 'read between the lines!' What would today's world be like, if His disciples had seen what I have 'gleaned' from the scriptures?

And those who choose a profession do not master it overnight. It takes years to become adept at any profession. So too will it take years to attain the level of God consciousness in which Jesus functioned. And no one can hope to attain His state of mind without first realizing that God is their reality...that God is the "I" within them! This is what the Spiritual Rebirth is meant to accomplish. The realization that the" I within us and the Father, are One! Even though I doubt that anyone will ever achieve a greater realization of Oneness than He did, it is possible, because He said 'and greater things than these you can do'.

I never found a Church that was interested in what I had to say, but I am thankful for the Internet. It may be called a tool of Satan, but nothing can keep it from becoming a powerful tool for spreading this truth. A few years back, I wrote that no one could think thoughts that do not exist in the Divine Mind, as no one has any being of themselves. A branch has no being apart from the Vine, so how can 'we' think thoughts that do not exist in the mind of the Vine? But over time, this Universal mind has become 'polluted' with the thoughts of 'men'. And no one can say that the means of attaining the Christ Mind does not exist in the Universal mind today. Thanks to all those who helped me in my quest to attain it. And hopefully what I have written, will help those who read this to attain it as well.

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