What is the purpose of the Church?

What we have are Ministers, Priests and Rabbis etc, teaching 'men' how to become 'better' men. Religious organizations teaching 'men' to live more like God or Christ. Should their purpose not be to teach sons and daughters of God how to function as sons and daughters of God? For was man not made in the image and likeness of God? Humanity is not comprised of 'men', but is in fact 'sons and daughters of God who have been made to 'think' that they are mere 'human beings', rather than individual manifestations of the Spirit (or the Mind) of God. Did Jesus not say…'call no 'man' on Earth your father, for one is your father, which is in heaven'? But few understand this.

God made man in His image and likeness, for One purpose. That we might all be Christ's! But we have been taught that we are mere 'human beings' and the Church thinks its purpose is to teach us how to become 'better' human beings! So instead of walking AS the Father (as the Christ), we find the Church teaching its adherents to 'worship' and glorify Christ, as if 'the Christ', was 'One 'specific 'being' known as 'Jesus Christ'. But this is not what our Heavenly Father taught us to believe. 'Jesus'… was only His 'outer' identity! The Father…the "I" within Him, was who He was! And ('thou shalt call His name Jesus'!) He functioned AS the Father, and He taught His disciples that they could do as He did. He tried to get them to see that it was not 'he' (Jesus) who was the doer, but that it was the Father within Him (the "I" within Him) who did everything. Of myself I can do nothing, He said. Every one, is the 'Spirit' of God individualized…the Spirit of God embodied! The Spirit of God…is what we are! The flesh profiteth nothing…the words that I speak unto you; they are 'spirit'…they are Life He said! Each of us is that Life, that Spirit embodied! The true purpose of the Church is to teach us how to 'think' and 'function' AS the Spirit of God! Not to convert 'men' to Christianity, (to 'follow' Christ) but to teach humanity to be 'Christ's… to teach 'mankind' to be what all of 'mankind' was created to be! When we realize that the "I" within us is God (the Father,) we automatically take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. It is that 'likeness', that is the Christ!

Every 'man/woman' on Earth, is the Father individualized. He is the "I" within each of us. The 'Spirit of God', (or the Life of God) is neither male nor female, but is in fact the reality of both the male and the female of every species! ! No matter what we are looking at, we are looking at the Spirit of God manifesting AS that 'thing'! It is not the 'form' that has 'being'. Only the Spirit of God has being! We cannot 'see' the Spirit of God; we only see the forms which IT has taken. So… would it not make more sense for them to teach us that at our birth, we are Gods in the infant stage of development, rather than teach us that we are sons and daughters of men and then try to convert us to 'follow Jesus'? And with the simple explanation that God is the "I" within us, even a little child can be made to see that at our birth we are God individualized. Each of us was born to be the Christ! Does it not make more sense to teach this than to try to convince us that 'men' can become better 'men' by 'following' Jesus?

You cannot teach a 'man' to function AS God, until that 'man' has experienced the Spiritual Rebirth…until that 'man' comes to see that even 'he', is nothing less than the Spirit of God individualized! The concept of the Spiritual Rebirth that has been taught (and is still being taught) by the Evangelical Churches of the World, IS ERRONEOUS! So long as we believe we are the person our parents created when they named us at our birth, it is impossible for us to function AS the Father. The "I" within us is the Father! This is what Jesus could not get humanity to see!

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