When the Pharisees asked Jesus...

When the Pharisees asked Jesus to show them a sign, He said there would be no sign given but the sign of the prophet Jonas. I liken the people of Nineveh to the whole of Humanity and the 'Queen of the South' to those who have come from the 'four corners of the Earth' to hear the teachings of the Church, only to find no salvation from their fear of the unknown. The peoples of Nineveh believed Jonas, and did indeed repent of their evil ways, only to find no alternative to their way of life. Jonas basically abandoned them! "He had no Light to rid them of their plight!" Nor did the Church have any Light to lift Humanity out of their dilemma, out of their fallen state. Neither then nor now! No one knew of the presence of a 'greater One'! No one realizes the Omnipresence of God (the Father)! No one realizes that 'God', (the Father) is the reality of every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth! No one has realized since the crucifixion of Him who was known as Jesus, that every 'man', and every 'woman', on Earth, is God, the Father (the Divine Mind) embodied in a temple of flesh! (male and female created He them! Gen 5:2) No one realizes that children of 'men', are actually children of God! The reason that God made 'man' in His image and likeness, is this, it was and still is, God's way of creating Gods! The generation Jesus referred to, was the generation in which He lived. Men are no different today than they were then! They still function AS 'men'!

He mistakenly believed that His disciples understood him. (Have I been so long with you and yet hast thou not known me Phillip? St. Jn.14:9 "He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father," He said) He believed that Peter understood Him when he replied that the son of man was the Christ. But Peter thought Jesus was referring to Himself, and not to every son/daughter born of a 'woman'. (But whom do you say that I the son of man am?) "Men" are not 'human' beings! They are Divine beings. In fact, we are children of God by birth! Every man/woman on Earth, is God individualized! We don't have to 'become' Gods. We only have to become aware of 'being' Gods! We simply have to be 'BORN AGAIN'! Born into the realization that God, is the "I"(or the I am) within us! The 'person' our parents created when they named us, is but the illusion in which we sons and daughters of God function! We are All ONE and that ONE, is our Source (the Father). Every so called 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been (and always will be), God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! It was not 'Jesus' that was born in that manger in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago, it was God (the Father) who came into being as Mary's child. (And she named Him Jesus!) How many realize the significance of that statement Jesus made when He said 'Call no man your Father upon the Earth, for one is your Father which is in heaven'? Regardless of our color, language, culture, religion or perceived Nationality, we are all One. We are all sons and daughters of God by birth!

Believe it or not!

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