the Pharisees asked Jesus...

We read in Matthew 12: 38-39 that the Pharisees asked Jesus for a sign as to who He really was, and where His power to heal came from. And He said, 'there shall be no sign given, but for the sign of the prophet Jonah'. I could never understand why Jonah was so upset and distraught when God spared the tens of thousands of inhabitants of the city of Ninevah. Now I see it was because Jonah had no idea as to what manner of being he was or what manner of beings the people of Ninevah were! Jonah had no idea that he was the Spirit of God embodied, nor did he know that every other person on the face of the Planet was also the Divine Mind embodied. He saw the people of Ninevah as a sinful lot, and if he had had his way he would have preferred to see them destroyed. But God saw them as children of God who were totally oblivious of their relationship to Him. To Him, they were lost sheep in need of a Shepherd! The people of Ninevah are synonymous with the whole of humanity! Jonah thought only of his own well being, and could have cared less had God chosen to destroy them. He saw himself as having 'being' separate and apart from the people of Ninevah! He thought as a 'man', as 'Adam'! He knew nothing of the Spiritual Rebirth. He was oblivious of the fact that God was (is) the reality of all of humanity; the "I" within each of us! Which is the 'head space' (the consciousness) in which virtually every 'man' on Earth functions today. INCLUDING OUR RELIGIOUS ELITE!

Which is why the peoples of the Earth will unite once they are made to see that we are all One! The masses have been searching for the keys to this truth for generations, and will rebel against the status quo once they see that God is the reality of each of us! We have been kept in darkness to satisfy the egos of the Religious elite! Jonah was no different than our religious leaders of today! They care only for their own prestige and personal well being! That the masses might come to see that we are all one, was the reason God came into the World 'disguised' as 'Jesus', some twenty one hundred years ago! He came to show humanity that man and God are One! But again the religious elite misconstrued His message. So men continued to function AS 'men' (As Adam) None of His disciples got the message, nor did the Apostle Paul! They did not comprehend the significance and the importance of the Spiritual Rebirth! Paul told those who wanted to know what they must do in order to be saved; 'believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved'! Condemning humanity to a continuing life of darkness! The greatest truth in Heaven or on Earth, is the realization that God and Man are One! Every man/woman on Earth is God individualized! But through ignorance of this realization (this Truth) we have the World we have today!

Is it any wonder Jesus said 'the people shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it because they have repented, and yet have never been made to realize that a 'greater than 'Jonah' is here? We have failed to see that there is ONLY God! God is the "I" within us! That we might see this, was the purpose for His coming some 2100 years ago! 'Man', is the only organism God created, that embodies the capacity to live forever! (Providing we live and function as sons and daughters of God!) In doing so, we need never die! This is the Truth that has never been revealed to the masses! (Have we not been told that He made us in His image and likeness?) YES! But, He did not create the 'person' we believe ourselves to be. Our parents did that when they named us at our birth! Why? Because Adam did not know it, and because our parents never realized what manner of beings they were either. And because of the misconstrued concept of the Spiritual Rebirth! Names are a necessity. They identify us in the World of form, but our names do not constitute what manner of beings we are. Instead, they tend to hide our true identity; our I am that I am identity! We can only see what manner of being we are when we experience the 'Spiritual Rebirth'; when we see and acknowledge God as the "I" within us! By no other means can we be "BORN AGAIN"! By no other means can we 'see' that God and Man are One! And until the masses, see this, there will be no Peace on Earth! We were not meant to 'worship' God; we embody everything necessary to function AS God, through faith in the belief that He (God) is the "I" within us!

I find it hard believe that the religious elite could have seen this, and kept it hidden! And I say that because I do not believe someone could see this and not make every effort possible to get the whole of humanity to see it! It has been God's quest from the beginning that we should realize what manner of beings we are! Why else would He have suffered the agony of the cross? No one could see this and not be concerned for his fellowman! But men who function as 'men, do not believe that God is their reality, and therefore are capable of any infraction of God centered principles! The World has seen enough Jonah's! (Men who do not practice what they preach!) Have we not seen enough of our brothers and sisters giving their lives so that those in 'high places' can enjoy their lavish life style? God is no respecter of persons, because no 'man', (no John or Jane Doe) has any being! There is ONLY God! And only as we choose to die to self and walk As God, can we participate in His Eternal Reality!

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