We all perceive things differently...

We all perceive things differently, until we realize that God is the "I" within us. Then we begin to function as One, as the Father. Even then we will perceive things differently to some degree. I suppose the reason we do so, is because of our lack of, or our over abundance of imagination. Whatever we can imagine the Father (or the Source) to be, is what determines our way of thinking. This is what makes the scriptures so vulnerable to misinterpretation. I cannot tell anyone what the so-called 'hereafter' is like. I have read the opinions and the 'experiences' of those who claim to have 'traveled' through space, but as I have not had any crystal clear 'out of body' experiences, I am unable to say one way or another what we can look forward to should we attain the ascension. Nor have I heard of anyone who has ascended into the heavens as Jesus was said to have done at Pentecost. But I firmly believe He did just that, and that it was accomplished through His belief that He and God, were One and the same! I believe it is Gods 'gift' to whoever should walk as He did! Being physically transformed by the renewing of our minds.

To me, the gift of God, is the gift of 'being' God. Being God, enables us to 'tour' the Universe as beings of Light. Transformed by the renewing of our minds! No one played any role in it; it is Gods gift to 'us' as we function As the Father! Would He give 'being' to Himself and then deny Himself an Eternal reality? NO! But He did 'protect' the way of the tree of Life! Should we reject Him as our reality and refuse to function AS Him, should we choose instead to walk as the 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth, we are free to do so, but we shall surely die! It would have been too disastrous had the Lord (the law) permitted us to live forever in our John/Jane Doe identity. For this reason .for the good of the Planet, all 'men' must die. But, He did provide us with the means of re entering His Kingdom, His Domain! We can, through faith in the belief that God, the Father, is the "I" within us, re enter His Kingdom! (we can indeed attain an awareness of being God embodied) We have but to accept Him as our reality! Should we choose to do so, and make a genuine commitment to walk AS Him, we can indeed partake in His Eternal reality! This is how He provided for our salvation! We were not meant to 'worship' 'Jesus', we were meant to 'walk' AS THE FATHER! And we can only 'walk' AS THE FATHER, when we realize that He is the "I" within us!

The 'HIM' I refer to in the previous paragraph, IS THE FATHER! Mary's child, was the Father, in the infant stage of development! It was the Father whom she named 'Jesus'! It is the Father who is the "I" within us! When we realize this, and when we choose to function in that consciousness, we automatically begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father! It is that 'likeness' that is the Christ! I say 'automatically', because there is a law involved, the law of 'as a man thinketh, so is he'! The only difference between Him, who was known as Jesus and the rest of us, was that He functioned AS the Father while the rest of us have functioned as the person our parents created when they named us. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth, the realization that God (the Father), is the "I" within us.

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