Out of the thousands...

Out of the thousands who have checked out my site, there are only a few who have chosen to walk this walk! (As near as I know) Of the thousands of attempts to bring Peace on Earth, none have succeeded. I am convinced that only Divine intervention can bring about a lasting Peace, for there is only One plausible course by which Worldwide Peace can become a reality. A course that humanity is not willing to take! Few are willing to die to self ! Virtually every one believes they have 'being' as the person their parents created when they named them at their birth, when in fact no 'John or Jane Doe' has any being whatsoever! Only the Source has being (only the Vine has being) 'Branches' of themselves, have no being whatsoever! There is Only the Vine... the Source! But few choose to acknowledge the Source (God) as their reality! Virtually every one wants to do things, or have things done, 'their ' way! No one wants to 'surrender' their freedom to function as the person they believe themselves to be, for the good of the whole. No one seems willing to 'die to self' in order to function AS the Source; As the Father; (As Jesus did!) So humanity has become a 'scourge' on the Planet! And only Divine intervention can prevent the willful destruction of Gods Earthly Kingdom; the 'Kingdom of Heaven'! For Gods prayer 'thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven', is being totally ignored; even among those who claim to be followers of the 'founders' of their faith! Every one wants things done 'their' way!

The entire world is oblivious of the fact that the entire Universe is but a 'mental' phenomena! Every 'thing', is but the Universal Mind manifesting AS that 'thing'. From a 'virus' to a Planet, ALL is Mind! The Universal mind (the Divine Mind), is the reality of every 'thing'; the 'Cause' of every 'thing'; the Source of every 'thing'! And Man, is the only organism on the Planet that embodies the capacity to function As the Source! Call it what you will! But rather than function AS the Source, for the good of the whole, men 'prefer' to further their individual well being! So the Source has no alternative but to remove what has become a 'scourge', for the well being of every other living 'thing'.

There is only 'one' State of Mind that can save humanity, and that is the Christ mind! The realization that in spite of color, language, religion, perceived Nationality or culture, 'humanity' is ALL ONE, and that One, is the Source! (Which to some, is God, to others Allah, to others the Buddha, Krishna or whoever else men choose to worship) Religion has literally become a curse upon the Planet! 'Man' was not meant to 'worship' a God of any description! God made us in His image and likeness so that we could function AS individual God's; AS Christ's! The 'Christ', is not 'one' individual 'being', but the Divine Mind individualized! Every 'human' child that has ever been 'born' on Planet earth, has been the Source (the Father) in the infant stage of development! EVERY ONE, is God embodied! HE is the "I" within us, but virtually no one cares to acknowledge this stupendous Truth! Every single one of us who functions AS the person our parents created when they named us, is actually functioning in an illusion! Each of us is God individualized! And whoever should choose to die to 'self' and walk in that consciousness, need NEVER die! Our Father in Heaven,(our Creator) realized that only Everlasting Life, could inspire men to choose to die to self! Yet 'men' still choose death over Eternal Life! Should we choose to walk As God, we need never die! But should we refuse to acknowledge God as our reality; (should we choose to continue to walk as 'men'), we shall surely die! And so few have ever walked As God (As Jesus did), that it is virtually impossible to convince any one that there is an alternative to 'physical death'! An Eternal Reality, brought about through the Spiritual Rebirth, (through the realization and acceptance of the belief that God is the "I" within us.) There is not God AND us! God IS US! And should we walk in that consciousness, (As GOD) we need NEVER die! For HIS Eternal Reality, is 'our' Eternal Reality! It was in this realization that Enoch walked; that Elijah walked and in which Jesus walked! It was "God's" walking As 'men', that brought about the 'fall' of 'man'! (Man and God are One and the same. One is the Universal and the other is the Universal individualized) And only as we choose to walk 'in' this realization, (As God) can we 're-enter' the 'Kingdom of God' (can we once again walk As sons and daughters of God.) And only in this 'realization' can we hope to transcend as did Enoch, Elijah and Jesus! If I said I was absolutely certain of experiencing the transfiguration and the ascension, I would be lying! Might Jesus have had some doubts as well? Might this be why he 'sweat as it were great drops of blood? I know He faced an agonizing death on the cross, but might He have had doubts about being 'raised from the dead'? I believe as I do, because it only makes sense! If the 'Vine' (the Father) is the Eternal 'I am', can a 'branch' be anything less? For Only the 'Vine' (the Father) has being! And only as we function AS Him, can we partake in His Eternal Reality! (In my opinion!)

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