Our names hide our true identity.

In my last posting I mentioned getting an answer to a question I asked of God in regard to what it meant to walk 'with ' God. I saw that it was synonymous to walking AS God! I would like to tell you how I discovered that our names hide our true identity. When I first saw that man and God are One, I searched the scriptures for verification. And the first three verses in the 5th chapter of Genesis always puzzled me. How could the writer of the scriptures use the word 'Adam' to mean two things? In the second verse the word is used as a 'thing'. In the third verse it is used as a 'name'. "Male and female created He them, and blessed them, and 'called 'their' name Adam ('their', refers to more than One)

So it should be proper to say 'He called 'their' names A dam (a 'thing') And in the next verse the writer uses the word as a name... "and 'Adam' lived an hundred and thirty years and begat a son in his own likeness". So what was the writer trying to say? And then it 'dawned' on me. I went to the local library and discovered that an ancient use of the word adam meant an 'obstruction'! A 'dam' in other words! And what is the purpose of a 'dam'? It is used to hold back 'water'. And the word 'water' in the scriptures refers to the truth! " Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst"(John 4-: 14) Then I saw what he meant! Our names hide our true identity! They act as 'dams' as it were. They hide the truth from us! The real you and the real me, is the "I" within us, and that "I", is God, the father!

When I saw this, I remembered reading another piece of scripture that verified this. It was Exodus 6, 2and3. Where God said to Moses, (my interpretation) "I am the Lord, and I 'was known' to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God almighty, but by my 'name', 'Jehovah', they knew me not'. Is this not exactly what the writer was saying? (Like I said, our names hide our true identity!) Which brings me to the significance of the Virgin Birth) It was not 'Jesus' that Mary gave birth to. Every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been (and always will be) God, the Father, in the infant stage of development. (Did He not 'make' us in His image and likeness?) Mary gave birth to God (the Father) in the infant stage of development (in a 'physical' form)! And she was told of the 'Spirit', to 'name' Him 'Jesus'! She had been told by the Spirit of God, that the child she would give birth to, was the 'son' of God! It was this she taught her son from the cradle! It was what inspired Him to walk AS the Father. He KNEW that He was God embodied, and that 'Jesus' was just His name! (But, in seeing Him as 'Jesus' (the man), we fail to see God (the Father). There is no one other than God, other than the Father! This is what His disciple Phillip missed seeing, "He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father". There is no one other than the God, other than the Father! (Be we male or female, He is the "I" within us!)

I know that it is written in the last book of the Bible, that should any one add to, or take from, what is written in this book, they would face the wrath of God. But this apparently does not include the 'enlightened clergy', who have written numerous versions of the scriptures. I do not feel that I have taken away anything from the Bible, but view it from a different perspective. I read it as one who sees things through the eyes of God, (Through the eyes of one whom has been 'born again'!) Not as one who reads it through the eyes of 'men'. When Jesus asked His disciples, 'Whom do 'you' say that I am', 'Peter' replied 'thou art the Christ'. Jesus thought Peter had finally seen that man and God were One. But he had not! He believed that 'Jesus' was the son of God, but had no idea whatsoever that he too was a son of God. And when Jesus told him what it was that He had to suffer in order that men might see this, Peter rebuked Him. At which point Jesus referred to Peter as Satan (Get thee behind me Satan) So how could the enlightened have thought Jesus was referring to Peter as being the 'rock' upon which He would build His Church? He was referring to this truth; that every 'person' on Earth is potentially a son or daughter of God, only they had to be 'born again' before they could see it. Born into the realization that God was the "I" within them. (Except a 'man' be born again, he can not attain 'God consciousness'; an awareness that man and God are One (the 'Kingdom' of God!). We must realize this, for until we do, we can never function AS the Christ! We must see that God is our reality, for until we do so, we cannot walk As God! When we see that God is our reality, we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of God (the Father) It is that likeness, that is the Christ! When we 'see' (spiritually speaking) that God is the "I" within us, we will see that we need never die! Regardless of our names, God is our reality. He is the "I" within us!

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