Only one thing will correct the ills of this World

Only one thing will correct the ills of this World ~ and that is Spiritual Enlightenment! Until humanity comes to realize what manner of being a 'man' is ~ greed and corruption will continue to flourish. Some twenty one hundred years ago, a child was born in Bethlehem ~ who was named 'Jesus'. And His parents were told that He would save His people from their sins. The World has been led to believe that this 'person' who was born to Mary and Joseph was 'Jesus'! Leading to the belief that He and He alone ~ was the Christ! But this misconception has kept humanity in the dark from that day to this. Every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth ~ male or female ~ has been (and always will be) God (the Father) in the infant stage of development!

This statement might cause the reader to read no further ~ but I assure you that this is the case ~ and the reason, that the World has remained in 'darkness' these past couple of thousand years!

In the beginning ~ we are told that the World was without 'form and void' ~ and that the Spirit of God 'moved' upon the face of the waters. And the balance of the first chapter of Genesis tells us that the Spirit of God gave being to everything on the face of the Earth ~ including the organisms known as 'man'! As God had nothing other than His own 'Consciousness' as 'building material' ~ He gave 'being' to every 'thing', by 'becoming every 'thing' ~ through FAITH in the creative capacity of His thoughts and through faith in the Creative Principle! He 'made 'man' in His image and likeness, by 'becoming' man ~ both male and female' ~ making 'man' ~ nothing other than the Spirit of God embodied in a 'temple of flesh! Thus did He create 'man', in His image and likeness! But virtually no one on Earth is aware of this! Including His first two 'human' creations ~ Adam and Eve! But as He did with every other 'thing' He created ~ He endowed 'Adam and his 'helpmeet' 'Eve', with the capacity to bring forth children 'after their kind'! Making 'children of 'men' ~ 'children of God'! And nothing has changed pertaining to humanity to this day! Children of 'men' ~ are still 'Children of God' ~ yet only a very few are aware of this! WHY?

Because at our birth, our parents 'name' us ~ creating the belief that our names constitute WHO and WHAT we are. So we grow up ~ grow to maturity and die! Never ever realizing that we are ETERNAL LIFE (the Divine Mind) individualized! So we live out our lives in the illusion that we are nothing more than mere 'men'! So we die AS men, because we live AS men! And the ONLY difference between Him who was known as 'Jesus' and the rest of us ~ was that HE was made aware of who He was from birth! AS I have said ~ every 'human' child that has EVER been born on Planet Earth ~ has been God the Father in the infant stage of development! It was this that was revealed to Mary ~ when the Holy Spirit 'came upon her'! Mary did not give birth to "Jesus' ~ she gave birth to God in the infant stage of development ~ and was told by an Angel of God ~ to NAME Him 'Jesus'! Leading the World to believe that Jesus ~ and He alone, was the Christ! Mary had experienced the Spiritual Rebirth! A 'birth' that is always a Virgin birth. A 'birth' that takes place in the consciousness of whoever should come to realize that God is the "I" within us ~ within each of us! Then ~ through FAITH in that belief ~ any one who should choose to walk in their I AM THAT I AM identity can effectively function AS the Christ ~ as did He who was named 'Jesus'! He functioned AS His Father ~ As the Spirit of God! This was why He told us in Matthew 10-20. 'It is not ye that speaks when you speak ~ but the Spirit of your Father that speaketh in you!' (In other words ~ there is not 'you' and the Spirit of God ~ there is ONLY the Spirit of God!) This was what He tried to get His disciple Phillip to see when He told him ~ 'he who hath seen me, hath seen the Father' (St. John 14-9) There is no one besides or other than God ~ the Father! Every man or woman on the Planet ~ is actually God ~ the Father ~ manifesting AS a 'man'! He is the "I" within every one! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ the concept of which has also been misconstrued. The concept of the Spiritual Rebirth which has been promoted by the Evangelical Religions of the World ~ (and is still being promoted) is erroneous. It can NEVER enable one to be 'born again'. It does nothing more than 'entice' a seeker of Truth into the promoter's faith! It can NEVER bring about one's Spiritual Rebirth! ONLY when we realize ~ accept and acknowledge that the Spirit of God (the Father) is our true identity (our reality) ~ can we truly be 'born again'!

Then can we see that each of us was created to be the Christ! Only then can we see that we have no 'being' of ourselves! (I can of mine own self do nothing ~ I seek not mine own will ~ but the will of the Father ~ for we are One! Jesus said.) When this is seen throughout the World ~ it will revolutionize Religious thought through out the world. Then will Jesus' prayer ~ that we all may be One ~ will be realized throughout the World. Then and only then, will there be Peace on Earth. This was the significance of "Jesus" crucifixion ~ the 'self' ~ the illusion ~ must be crucified BEFORE the Father can be resurrected! Only we don't have to face the agony of experiencing death on the cross as He did ~ we have but to acknowledge Him (the Father) as our reality and choose to 'walk' AS Him! For to Walk AS Him ~ (as the Father) ~ is to WALK AS THE CHRIST! (This is what THE HOLY SPIRIT has been trying to get 'man' to see since the creation of 'man'!) Only when this is realized, can we be 'filled' with the Spirit of God!

I recall how surprised I was when I first wrote these thoughts in a booklet I entitled 'Points of Light' ~ when I realized that what I had written was the 'Christ Mind'! We will only see the 'Second Coming' of the Christ ~ when we realize that every One embodies the capacity to be the Christ! It's what God created us to be! And all that is necessary for us to realize this ~ is the realization that the 'Spirit of God' is every ones reality! The Spirit of God ~ (the Father) ~ is the "I" within us! And as we 'function' AS the Father, we take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. And that 'likeness' ~ IS THE CHRIST!

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