Only ' I ' (the Father) am...

Only ' I ' (the Father) am, and there is none else.

Virtually every Christian believes that Jesus rose from the tomb and a short time later transcended. They most likely believe that Enoch transcended as well. Even if only one man had transcended, there must be a formula whereby others can do so as well. We read in the Bible that Enoch walked 'with' God. We know that Jesus walked AS God. In reading chapter 3 in the Book of Jasher, we have to conclude that so too did Enoch walk AS God. Not only did Enoch transcend, but so too did several hundred others according to the writer of that book. Noah also walked with God, but Noah evidently fell short of the glory of God and died. So the key to man's transfiguration lies in walking As God. To walk AS God, is the secret of Life Eternal. Man is a creative being, and as he walks AS God, he shall never die.

The Church would have us believe that our salvation lies in acknowledging Jesus as our Lord and savior. In proclaiming faith in that belief we are assured of Eternal life (according to the Church), but the 'eternal life' they talk about is a 'life' AFTER death! But to those who experienced the transfiguration and the ascension, Eternal Life means an Eternal reality as a living Spirit. Joint heirs with God as Christ's! The Church has failed to discover the key that makes Eternal Life a reality. It lies in the Spiritual Rebirth! In the realization that 'sons and daughters' of men, are actually 'sons and daughters' of God, only they have never been made aware of this astounding Truth! Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical Religions of the World, it is IMPOSSIBLE to attain that greatest of all transformations! The transfiguration can only take place when we realize and acknowledge that the "I" within us, IS THE FATHER! Only through our acceptance of that, combined with a determined commitment to walk in that consciousness, can we expect to partake in God Eternal Reality! This was His plan for the Salvation of humanity…life Eternal by way of the transfiguration and the ascension. Not through accepting 'Jesus' as our Lord and savior, but by walking AS the 'Jesus' did! Therein lies man's Salvation!

As I have said…it was not Jesus Christ of Nazareth who was crucified at Calvary. It was the Father whom they crucified. Nor did Peter realize who it was that performed the multitude of miracles. They thought it was done by the 'man' they knew as 'Jesus of Nazareth'. They were totally oblivious of the fact that it was the Father Himself who was the doer in every instance! (Of myself I can do nothing 'Jesus' said) Even though Peter and the other disciples lived with Jesus, ate with Him, and listened to Him lecture for three years, they thought all the time that they were with a 'man' they knew as Jesus of Nazareth. Never did they realize that this 'man', was God, the Father, embodied. (as is every other man on Planet Earth) When He spoke, they thought it was 'Jesus' speaking. When He healed the sick, they thought it was 'Jesus' who did the healing. So when Peter said in Acts 4:12, 'neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved'. He had no idea that man and God were One! He had no idea that the I am within each of us was God, and that God was the reality of every 'man' on Earth! He only saw the man he knew as "Jesus". And…had Peter been filled with the Holy Spirit as it is written, he would have known that man and God were One and the same! Every ''man' on Earth, is the Father embodied! When Jesus spoke, it was the Father who was speaking. He did everything in the name of the Father…not in the name of 'Jesus'! He functioned AS the Father, because He was the Father…as is every other man or woman on Earth! Our salvation lies in the consciousness of being God (the Father) embodied! There has never been anyone other than the Father that has ever walked the Earth! Only as we function AS the Father, can we do the things that were done by Him who was known as 'Jesus'! 'Jesus' knew that the Father, was who He was… so He functioned AS the Father! So long as we function as the person our parents created when they named us, we function in an illusion…we function as a 'man' a 'human' being. And because we live AS a 'man', we shall die as a 'man'.

" I " am the Lord That is my name, and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images (Isaiah 42: 8) In Isaiah 43,44 and 45, it goes on to say "I" am the Lord, and beside me there is no savior, there is no God…there is none else! AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Even today, there is none other! In Exodus 6:2-3 we read "I" am the Lord. And unto Abraham Isaac and Jacob, I was known by the name of God Almighty. But by my name Jehovah they knew me not! Nor do they know me by my name 'Jesus'! 'Jesus', had no more 'being' than does any other John or Jane Doe, on Planet Earth! 'Jesus', was only the name they named 'the Father' at his birth at Bethlehem! But there has NEVER been anyone other than the Father…EVER! The 'word' Jesus simply means 'God with us'. So to walk AS the Father, is to walk as the Christ, for the 'Christ' is but the 'person' of God (the Father) personified! (ONLY "I" AM) Whoever should realize this, can say as 'Jesus' said, " I and my Father are One"! No matter who we are looking at, we are looking at the Father. Believe it or not! In this realization lies our salvation.

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