Only As God

Only As God ~ can we 'enter' the Kingdom of God! Creating the organisms known as 'man' ~ was ~ and is ~ Gods way of creating Gods! Chapter six in the book of Matthew tells us to 'seek the Kingdom of God ~ and every thing we need, shall be 'added' unto us'! But what we have failed to see, is that the Kingdom of God is not a 'place', but a State of mind' A state of knowing that God (the Father) is the "I" within us. God is the "I" within each of us! Man is God (the Father) disguised in a temple of flesh! Every human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth has been (and still is) God in the infant stage of development ~ believe it or not! God did indeed 'make us in His image and likeness' ~ but He did not create the 'person' we believe ourselves to be. Our parents did that when they named us at our birth! Consequently ~ God has been hidden from view from the creation of Adam and Eve ~ with virtually every one functioning as the person our parents created when they named us at our birth. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ which can only be 'set in motion' through faith in the realization that God is the "I" within each of us!

Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical Religions of the World ~ it is impossible to attain this Spiritual Rebirth. Their concept does nothing more than convert the seeker of Truth to their faith! Only when we see, acknowledge and accept God as our reality, can we KNOW we have been 'born again'! Born into the realization that God (the Father) is the reality of every' man / woman' on Planet Earth! The only difference between Him who was named Jesus ~ and the rest of humankind ~ was that He was made to see this at His Mothers knee! Mary did not give birth to Jesus ~ she gave birth to God (the Father) in the infant stage of development ~ and she was told, to name Him 'Jesus'! His faith in what His Mother taught Him as a child ~ inspired Him to function AS His Father in Heaven! Through His absolute faith in being God embodied, He became the greatest Spiritual healer the World has ever known! The belief that Mary gave birth to Jesus has led to the belief that He and He alone is the Christ. But not so! Whoever should see that God (the Father) is the "I" within them, can (if they should choose to), function through faith AS the Father ~ as Jesus did! This ~ He could get no one to see! Not even His disciples! When we see that God is our reality ~ we 'automatically' begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father, It is that likeness ~ that is the Christ! The Christ ~ is but the 'person' of God personified! It's what every 'human' child was born to be! AS I said at the beginning ~ creating 'man' (male or female) is Gods way of creating Gods! But through the erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ no one since Calvary has discovered this! So we die as men, because we live as men! But should we walk AS the Father ~ AS the Eternal I AM ~ we need never die! Only AS God ~ can we enter the Kingdom Of God. (Only AS God can we function AS God ~ as did He who was known as Jesus) We were not meant to 'worship' Jesus ~ we were created to function as Christ's! And we can only function as Christs, as we function as the Father ~ as the "I" within us ~ as Jesus did! Then we too can say as He did ~ I and my Father are One! That we all should come to see this ~ was His most avid desire (Read St. John. 17-21-23)

Man is the only organism on the Planet that embodies the capacity to participate in Gods Eternal reality! But only as we function AS God ~ the Father! Only AS we function AS the Father, can we experience the transfiguration and the ascension. Only AS God ~ can we 'enter' the Kingdom of God (can we function As God) It was not 'Jesus' that transcended at Pentecost ~ it was God ~ the Father that ascended. There is no one besides or other than the Father. No matter who we are looking at ~ we are actually looking at the Father. He ~ is the "I" within every one ~ the reality of every One. It is this truth that men have searched for, since the fall of the sons and daughters of God.

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