I discovered an old axiom

I discovered an old axiom ~ All men are born equal, but differ greatly in the sequel. True in many ways. Because of what manner of beings we are, we become whatever we perceive ourselves to be! We may differ greatly as physical beings, but in reality we are equal in what we were created to be. Human beings, are the Mind of God ~ the Spirit of God ~ individualized. If we only knew it, we are but individual manifestations of the Divine Mind. God made each of us in His image and likeness, by 'becoming' us ~ as a Vine becomes a branch ~ but at our birth, our parents name us and then proceed to mold us in 'their' image and likeness. We are creative beings, because we are the creative consciousness of the Universe individualized! Thus do we become what we believe and perceive ourselves to be. But in order for us to function AS the Source (As did He who was known as Jesus) we must be 'born again' ~ born into the realization that God is the "I" within us! (Except we be born again ~ we cannot enter the Kingdom of God ~ we cannot attain the Christ mind) And until we attain the Christ Mind ~ the realization that God is the "I" within us ~ we cannot function AS the Source (as did He who was known as 'Jesus'). Only as we realize that God is our reality ~ can we function as God. Prior to this realization, and regardless of our 'education' ~ we can be no more than the 'person' our parents created when they named us! This is basic common sense! All clues leading to this realization are contained in the Scriptures, yet the Religions of the World have failed to see it ~ to' connect the dots'!

God did not intend that we 'worship' the Christ ~ He endowed each of us with the capacity to function AS the Christ! Creating the organisms known as 'man ' ~ was Gods way of creating God's! It was through His faith in this realization that enabled Him (God) who was known as Jesus, to become the greatest Spiritual teacher and healer the World has ever known. And did He not say that we could do the things He did and even greater things? So where did our religious 'Founding Fathers' go wrong? By failing to 'connect the dots'! Resulting in the formation of erroneous conclusions! One of the greatest, being the concept of the 'birth' of the Christ! The concept that Mary gave birth to the One and only 'Son of God' has led to the belief that the Christ is ONE specific individual. When in fact ~ every man/woman on Planet Earth embodies the capacity to function As the Christ, once they come to see that God is the "I" within them! Mary did not give birth to Jesus ~ she gave birth to God (the Father) in the infant stage of development ~ 'God ' being the reality of every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet earth! The Virgin birth took place in Mary's consciousness, when she realized that man and God were one ~ when the Holy Spirit (the truth) 'dawned upon her'! Through faith in what His Mother taught Him, 'her son' became' the Christ! And through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical religions of the World ~ it is IMPOSSIBLE to function AS the Source ~ As the Christ! This false conclusion was formed when the Church failed to see that the "I" within us is the Father. Only that realization can bring about our Spiritual Rebirth. Peter knew that Jesus was the Christ, but failed to realize that so too was (is) every other man/woman on Planet Earth! GOD IS ALL AND IN ALL! He is the "I" (or the I am) within each of us! The Disciples did not know what the Spiritual Rebirth entailed ~ they had no idea whatsoever that God and Man were One and the same! They thought that 'they' had being as the person their parents created when they named them ~ and nothing has changed! Everyone on Earth today thinks the same thing ~ when in fact NOTHING OR NO ONE has any 'being' apart from or other than the Source ~ other than God! There is no one other than God, only our Spiritual 'educators' have failed to discover this, in spite of Isaiah's teachings that ~ I am the first and I am the last and beside me there is none else! There is NO ONE else! They teach that God is Omnipresent in word, but deny their beliefs by their very actions! Our religious organizations have become Social Clubs rather than guiding lights!

And to get a religious person to acknowledge this is next to impossible. They have been so indoctrinated into believing their Church is right, that trying to get them to see this is like trying to separate a wayward sheep away from the safety of the flock. It is the Shepherds that need enlightening! The sheep will only follow the Shepherd! It is the religious elite that must be enlightened. Only then can the consciousness of the World be changed. Jesus did not succeed in getting His disciples to see that man and God are One. This is obvious from Phillips question a night or two prior to Jesus crucifixion when he asked Jesus to 'show us the Father and it will sufficeth us'. All Phillip could see was this person he knew as Jesus of Nazareth. He had no idea that he and God were One ~ that God was the "I" within him. Nor did any of the others. Nor do those in Christianity who see 'Jesus' as being their Lord and savior. For as Isaiah said ~ 'I am the first and I am the last and besides me, there is no God ~ there is no savior ~ there is none other! ONLY I AM! Every so-called 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth ~ is as much the presence of God as was He who was named Jesus. Did He not say ~ call no man your father upon the Earth, for one is your father which is in heaven? And did He not tell us that when we speak ~ it is not 'us' that speaks ~ but the Spirit of God within us that speaks?

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